Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sewing for the little man.

Kids Clothes Week was my first sewing adventure for my little guy. I made him two pairs of shorts and a pair of sailboat pants. I shortened the pants just a bit so they are either longer shorts or cropped pants, take your pick. I was on a roll and decided I would also be making him an Easter outfit. I finished the vest during KCW, but I held off on sharing because I wanted to have the complete outfit.

I bought the oliver + s Art Museum Vest and Trousers pattern last fall, with the intention to sew a set up for baby B's Christmas outfit. Sadly, that didn't happen. So, I thought sewing it for Easter would be equally as fun and he would be able to wear 12-18m size longer since he isn't growing as fast as a 6 month old does.

The gray broadcloth I used for his trousers and the back of the vest is from Hobby Lobby, it's a little thin, but was the perfect shade of gray so I took a chance on it and I'm glad I did. The light blue fabric used for the front of the vest is from fabric.com as is the fish print that lines the vest and the waistband of the pants. The fish print is Michael Miller, such fun fabric!

Here is my little southern gentleman before getting all mucked up in the red, Georgia dirt. I still, for the life of me, can't get that stuff out of clothes, any tips are welcomed!

Now, forgive me, but the following is picture heavy. I just couldn't help myself. Those diaper buns in little trousers are almost too much cuteness for me. 

The welt pockets, I love them! It was my first experience with welt pockets and I don't know why I hadn't tried them yet, they were easy, but the finished product looks impressive! For the trouser welt pockets I used the fabric from the front of the vest to tie them all in together and I can never pass up an excuse to add a pop of color/contrast. Same with the vest, I used the gray for the welt pockets for a little contrast.

I ended up taking about four inches off the pants, they ended up being the perfect length but in an attempt to keep his new pants clean, daddy rolled them up a little bit.

I'll be posting the girl's dresses soon!


Monday, April 21, 2014


We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with fun, family and friends and way too much sugar. We went to church on Saturday to avoid the Sunday crowds. After church, I experimented with "natural" egg dying. There are plenty of tutorials out there but I didn't stick to just one.
I started by boiling four pots of water, one pot for each of the below:

1 head of chopped cabbage (blue).
3 chopped beets, (pink).
2 teaspoons of turmeric (yellow).
1 cup of frozen blueberries (purple).

I added just enough liquid to cover the veggies/fruit. With the turmeric, I boiled two cups of water because it seemed like a good amount. I boiled everything for about 10 minutes and then strained each liquid into large glass measuring cups to cool. I strained into glass measuring cups so I could tell how much vinegar I needed to add to each color. The vinegar helps the color "stick" to the eggs.

Every tutorial I read said that you need to add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to each cup of cooled liquid. After everything cooled, I added the appropriate amount of vinegar and then I went to town with dying the eggs.

This is isn't rocket science, I simply plunked eggs in, set a timer for 10 minutes, did laundry and other parent things and then came back to pretty, colored eggs.

The cabbage, however, was a bust. After reading more on it, I think you may need to hardboil your eggs in the same water that you are boiling the chopped cabbage in. The strained liquid hardly turned the eggs blue and I left them in for almost an hour. Fail. Oh well, I just plopped them in the blueberry water and they turned a lovely shade of purple. 

Aren't they pretty? I love the speckles and imperfections.

Here are the beet eggs. Such a pretty pink! Two of them took a beet bath and then a quick dip in the turmeric, hence the peachy tinge.

The turmeric eggs are a lovely, vibrant orangey yellow. The variations in color come from the amount of time spent in the liquid. The lighter colored egg was only in the water for a few minutes.

The only downside? The natural dye isn't color fast like the artificial stuff, so be careful around clothing as it will rub off and could stain. 

This was a fun last minute project and will definitely be repeated next year. I am determined to conquer the cabbage.

Here is my bunch for their annual Easter photo, I couldn't have asked for a better shot. I mean, how cute are they?! I'll have separate posts up for the outfits I made for the younger three. 

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! He is risen!


Monday, April 14, 2014

One final KCW post

Well, I survived my very first Kids Clothes Week. I started off with this:

I ended up with this, these, this outfit, four skirts, and finally some KID shorts! I cheated a little with a few refashions but I was really trying to use what I already had on hand. There are even a few more things that are still in the works that I'll share as I finish. 

Here is what I worked on this weekend. An oliver + s sailboat top and pants.

For the sailboat top, I used a vintage cotton from my stash and top stitched with a magenta and added pink buttons for  little color pop. I was going to use yellow and red for a more nautical feel but Miss B vetoed that idea. "I want pink!"

I've had this pattern since 2010 or something crazy like that, and I've never used it until now. I sewed up a 3T, it fits Miss B nicely and will hopefully still fit her when fall shows up.

For the pants, I wanted these to fit somewhat "capri" like, so I made a size 12m for the length. They ended up really cute!

I love the detail on the front, so cute. The fabric was a remnant from Joann's that I had in my stash.

Again, there was no standing from my model.

That's it, my first Kids Clothes Week is complete! Did you participate this time around?


Friday, April 11, 2014

KCW Day #5.

Today is a shout out to Dana from MADE. Dana's blog was on of the first sewing blogs I started following waaaaay back in 2008. She (along with a few others) inspired me to start this little blog here. Dana creates great patterns and tutorials, they are simple, bright, fun and quick. That seems to be her recipe for success and I love it. Her KID Shorts pattern does not disappoint and that is what I sewed up for day #5 of KCW.

I made three pairs. A size 5, and two size 12 months. 

Miss L picked out the fabric for her shorts, it is Premier Prints from fabric.com. It's sort of heavy weight and seemed like it would work well for play shorts. We ran into a bit of a problem with the sizing though, they were too tight for her to wear. Miss L is five and is a completely normal and average size for her age, so, I would say this pattern runs just a wee bit smaller than what I am used to. All was not lost as Miss B gained a cute pair of pink (score) polka dot shorts and Miss L will just have to wait a few weeks and I'll sew her up a size 6.

I made the flat front version of these shorts and thought the white buttons added a nice pop. Since these will take a beating, I made sure to reinforce all the seams by pressing them open and then folding each raw edge under and top stitching them for a neat, finished look. Another option is to serge your unfinished edges together, press to one side and then top stitch.

Next up, the racer shorts with pockets, so fun! The green fabric is from my stash from forever ago, it is almost linen like? The pop of color from the bias tape is awesome, I love that contrast.

I added back pockets and I think I may have placed them a little too high. Please don't judge my pocket placement skills, I need to work on them. :) Good thing that someone has a diaper booty and will make these shorts look cute no matter what.
 Last but not least, my favorite. This is the flat front pattern with pockets. My goal was to make sure that those lines matched up and I think I did ok. I may fall short in pocket placement but I make up for it with pattern matching. :) This is another from my stash, I bought it at Joann's eons ago.

I made all three pairs of shorts in an afternoon with a few interruptions here and there. These are fun to make and there are endless options. For an $8 pattern, I think it is an excellent deal.

This little guy started walking full time this week and of course when I wanted him to stand up and show off his cute shorts, all he wanted to do was sit and play with his shoes. Oh well.

Now, go make some shorts!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

KCW Day #4.

Today was a day all about skirts.

I made four skirts, two for each little lady. I could have made more, but I thought that would be taking it too far. :)
It's hard to stop when you can whip one up in about 20 minutes.

These are all made from fabric that I've had in my stash for a while, so it was nice to finally use some of that up. Clear out the old stuff so I can buy new stuff! I've got problems with fabric hoarding. But hey, at least I can admit that I have a problem.

 Dana, from MADE, has a great skirt tutorial called the simple skirt. Be careful though, once you make one you'll want to make a million.

 Cute skirts! Just in time for a gorgeous Georgia spring, y'all! (on the left is my refashion for KCW day #1)

Kids Clothes Week is halfway over, can you believe it?
What have you sewn so far?
I still have a quite a bit left to complete, including outfits for Easter, whew! Let's see if I can keep this pace up and finish everything.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

KCW Day #3.

Another refashion! My daughters and I absolutely LOVE Lil Blue Boo dresses. They are made of the softest knit with a cute drop waist, twirly skirt, and fun screen print designs. I am pretty bummed that the owner Ashley has closed up shop, but I am excited to follow her on her new adventure, but that is another story and I am getting off track.

Miss B has a favorite LBB dress that is a racerback. She wore it constantly last summer and she would put it on herself by stepping through the neck hole. No matter how I tried to get her to put it on over her head, there's not much you can do to stop a stubborn two year old. Anyway, she stretched the neckline out really bad, the dress was becoming unwearable and I couldn't bear to let it go just yet so I gave it new life as a skirt.

Lay your dress out flat and figure out where you will cut. Make sure to leave about two inches for the waist band. Click here for a more detailed tutorial on the tranformation

I also cut out the skull silk screen because I had plans for that as well. I ended up ironing interfacing to the back of the cut out and sewing it on to a t-shirt to complete the outfit.

 Yay for another quick project!

Now, ready, set TWIRL!

Cheers to another KCW project! What are you working on?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KCW Day #2.

I've made a few matching sets of dresses for the girls and I think I'd much rather make coordinating outfits. Especially since Miss B gets the leftovers when Miss L grows out of everything. And we all know it's no fun getting a bigger, used version of something that you just grew out of. Instead, I like to sew them the same dress, but coordinate the fabric so the girls feel unique.

This time, I went out on a limb and switched it up a little and matched the fabric, but made two entirely different dresses. I had two yards of this lovely Riley Blake print from fabricworm and I had just enough to make two oliver + s patterns. I had to be fussy with how I cut these out, there was barely enough fabric!
There was no posing without their lego creations. I was told that these are guns, but they end up being used more like magic wands. We are in full blown princess mode around here.

I made Miss L a 5T roller skate dress. It was made completely reversible by sewing together the lining and the outer material at the bottom instead of hemming each separately. I have a feeling I won't ever see the orange/cream side since she is obsessed with all things pink. The lining is a fun Andover print from fabricworm which you can see in the picture below.

This is the second time I've made this dress and I already have plans for another. Why not, I mean you can sew it up in an afternoon and the wearer adores it!

(She looks so much older in this picture. Where is my toddler?)
For Miss B, I made my second family reunion dress in a 3T. You can find the first one I made here

I absolutely love this pattern. The pin tucks, the detail stitching on the hem, I love it all. Despite the detail, this is another quick sew. It only took part of an afternoon. Now, let's just hope that she will wear it! She's been so stubborn about clothing lately.

Are you sewing for KCW at all? I have so much planned for these next few days, I hope I can finish everything! I spent two weeks planning, cutting, piecing. I really went all in and so far am having a great time!