Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sometimes I dress up.

I'm on a roll here! Two "fancy" posts in a row. It's nice to mix it up once in a while and wear something a little fancy. I realize this isn't "fancy" but it is an upgrade from my normal tank top/t-shirt and shorts. I made this skirt by tracing one that I already had and used the same black floral print that I used to make this shirt.

I would have made a full circle skirt but I didn't have enough fabric, this one is still plenty twirly and fun to wear. 

I left the elastic exposed to keep things simple and I like how it turned out. It's been worn several times since I made it and it will definitely be a go-to this summer.

As life usually goes for me, I cut this skirt out in January but couldn't finish it until March. When that happens, it feels extra good to complete a project.
There was even a little bit of fabric left to made an infinity scarf. It's too warm to wear it now, but I wore it quite a bit when the weather was still chilly. 

My 6 year old helped me take pictures of the skirt. I think she did pretty well for herself! This is a picture she took while I was still setting the tripod up. We obviously need to work on our focus a little. :)


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

First off I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I hope you had a wonderful day today. I was surprised with breakfast in bed and then we spent the morning enjoying the sunshine at the lake. 

Instead of gifts I asked for a fun family day and some sewing time (of course). When Benny Boo was taking a nap I snuck away to finish this dress. I wore it to church this afternoon and I LOVE it.

This is the Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline. I had been eyeing this pattern for a while and finally caved and bought it last week. I'm so glad I did because this is the perfect summer dress and a quick sew.

I used some lovely jersey rayon knit from my April KnitFix from Girl Charlee. It is buttery soft and and the floral print is beautiful! I thought a belt would be nice to dress it up just a little bit, so I cut a 50" x  4" strip of the black and white stripe and sewed it into a tube to make an easy belt.

I modified the pattern a bit by lining the bodice, finishing the neck and armhole binding a little differently and I shortened the skirt quite a bit.

I agree with my girls, pockets are fun! Especially these pockets.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

more ME clothes

Well, I didn't quite finish out with Kid's Clothes Week like I had imagined. I finished the final outfit, but I never photographed it. Miss L wore it to church on Sunday and then the day just slipped away. Hopefully I can get picture taken soon because it is pretty adorable!

Anyway, back to the post at hand, this isn't about clothes for my kids, it's about clothes for me. In my December Girl Charlee Knitfix I received 2 yards of a lovely rayon spandex blend. It has a beige background with a black, floral print. It's buttery soft and I LOVE it! I loved it so much I was afraid to cut into it. 

Finally, in February, I gained enough courage to introduce it to my scissors. I thought a 3/4 sleeve Lane Raglan would be cute.

I cut the sleeves off a shirt that didn't fit my arms well and used them for sleeves (yay, no hemming the sleeves).

Instead of a band around the bottom, I added three inches to the length and hemmed. I used a knit stabilizing tape to give the hem a little weight. 

I really like how it turned out and to make things more official, I added a bias tap tag.

 I've worn this shirt quite a bit before the weather turned warm. I like it!

Photo credit goes to my six year old. Set up the tripod, give her the remote and she is good to go!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

KCW Day #2

And, we're back! Another day of KCW in the books. I finished this one early this morning, what a nice way to start the day.

Going with the "Wild Things" theme again, I thought this brightly colored feather knit paired well with some beautiful orchid knit, both from Girl Charlee, of course. 

 The pattern I used is one of my favorites, but I did a bit of a hack job on it. It is a size 6 oliver + s roller skate dress, and here is what I did differently with this dress: Since I was using knit fabric, I didn't use a lining, so it's not too thick and perfect for a hot, Georgia summer. 

I dropped the waist a few inches and put a channel for the elastic waist on the outside to break up the feather pattern a bit, since it can be a little busy. Since there is no lining, the dress has a simple hem which I finished with a double needle. 

The sleeves and neckline are trimmed with knit, so I didn't have to add any length for hemming. The back pattern piece was cut in one piece which I reduced by 1 inch to account for loosing the seam allowance. Since knit is stretchy, there was no need for a back closure, easy! 

This took me about 2 hours to sew, with interruptions. I would say that's pretty fast!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, April 20, 2015

KCW Day #1

I cheated a little and worked on this dress yesterday, but don't tell anyone. I think the theme for Kid's Clothes Week this Spring is great. There are so many fun ways to interpret "Wild Things" and it is going to be quite enjoyable to browse through everyone's projects.

For day #1 I whipped up a Lulu Dress using knit from Girl Charlee. The horses fit the theme perfectly! And, what little girl doesn't like wild ponies prancing all over her dress?

The black is a cotton spandex knit and the blue is a cotton jersey knit. The blue knit is so soft and lightweight, but not see-through. Perfect for a summer play dress.

This pattern is so easy to sew and fun to customize. If I make dresses without pockets, I am in trouble, so of course I added pockets. We like the pockets.

I asked her to pose once more and show me the dress and this is what I got. An airplane? An eagle? Who knows...


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring and stuff.

Hi again. I took a little blogging break. Only two months. You know, pretty normal for me. I may have been absent from this blog, but I was not absent from life. I was lovin' on my family and my sewing machines.

It has finally warmed up around here. The daffodils and tulips cautiously bloomed last month and then the bradford pears and flowering cherry trees exploded a few weeks ago. Then, last week, it snowed. Not the snow you're thinking of, not white snow. More of a bright green/yellow snow. It's called pollen, or southern snow. Although I don't care for the pollen and the itchy eyes that it brings. I'd rather put up with pollen than the real snow stuff because pollen means the weather is warm and the sun is out!

Anyway, in the two months that I was gone from this space I was sewing a few things in my limited spare time. 

I made this scarf out of a baby hacci sweater knit from my December Knit Fix from Girl Charlee. It's a fun aztec print with such pretty muted colors.

It was my first try at an infinity scarf and it is a little narrow so it's more of a necklace. Oh well, still cute and still wearable for Spring.

I also made this self drafted shirt from the same fabric. I traced an existing shirt but couldn't add a band at the bottom because I ran out of fabric.

Although I love the fabric, it's so soft and has a nice drape, I don't love the shirt. It fits ok and gets worn around the house, but I may turn it into a t-shirt for one of my girls. I wish that everything I made was my favorite, but it can't always be that way.

After cutting the scarf and shirt out of my 2 yards, I only had scraps left so if you ever wondered what you can get of two yards, there you go. :)

I'll be back tomorrow for the start of Kid's Clothes Week!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

And another one.

Here is another shirt I made! This is actually the first, but I've worn it so much that it is usually in the laundry whenever I think about taking a picture of it. It is another Hey June pattern. This time, the Lane Raglan. According to the sizing chart I was a size M, but a size M is a little too roomy for my liking. I think this fits more like a sweatshirt and would be really cute with a thicker knit, but this is a jersey knit so it's just a little baggy. But that's ok! I still like it and I still wear it often. The fabric is from Girl Charlee and it was on clearance (yay) so I picked up two yards and used it to make the girls some tops and had enough to make myself something too.

Awkward city take #2! At least these pictures were taken during day light hours and I "hired" a photography assistant to use the remote for me. I'd say they are an improvement from last time.

Look at that side seam, perfect! 

This side, not so much.

I made this before I had a twin stretch needle so I just top stitched around the cuffs, hem, neckline and armholes with a single needle for some detail. This shirt is soft and casual, just my style. I have a bright blue scarf I like to pair with it, but yesterday, when I took these pictures is was a balmy 63 degrees and no scarf was necessary. Today, however, it is 35 degrees and I will be wearing my parka all day and sipping hot tea. I'm such a cold weather wimp.

I loved this pattern and have another in the works. I'll be sewing up a size S this time and I think 3/4 length sleeves? I figure that will bring me some warm weather.

Happy Thursday y'all. I can see Friday from here!