Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Garage Sale

So... I get off work at 6pm on Friday, I am sorting things for the garage sale from 6pm-10pm, 10pm-11:30pm I am pricing everything, 11:30pm-2:30am I am making huge signs. Then I am up at 8am to get ready, put my signs up and bring all the crap out that I am going to sell. During all of this, of course, there is running around after a 5 year old and tending to an almost 6 month old.... Fun.
Ok, a weird story and a neat story about the garage sale we had yesterday.
Weird first: I helped a lady out to her van with some stuff she bought, she had a big old oxygen tank and wasn't too stable on her feet, her husband was sitting in the front seat didn't even offer to help with the huge box of stuff. So I stick it in the back of her van, it was an OLD van, like a 1985 Dodge Caravan. Yeah OLD. I then offer to shut the van door because this woman is very tiny, I was towering over her. She says "Oh thank you sweety, just slam is down hard." "Ok" (insert shattering glass noises here) her WHOLE friggin' back window shattered into a MILLION pieces! All over my legs, feet, all across the drive way, EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile jack-ass husband breaks his silence and gets out of the van, yelling "what the hell happened!!" I am standing, covered in glass, in absolute horror, feeling awful about what just happened, but in shock that I had the strength to shatter a huge peice of glass?? WTH? I didn't shut it that hard, I shut it like a normal back door is usually shut. He kept saying "you shut it too hard, you shut it too hard!! you can't shut it that hard!" Well no shit sherlock, obviously that's why I'm covered in glass. (apparently it had some hairline fractures through it and was very loose). Finally the lady speaks up saying "I'm so sorry, it's my fault I told her to slam it down hard." Apparently it was opposite day and she meant don't shut it hard at all. Anyway, her husband calms down after she speaks up, but still doesn't even offer to help clean up the glass from HIS van that is all over our driveway while people are coming and going from the sale. NP and my dad proceed to knock out the the rest of the glass from the window and we send them on their merry way. They then spend the next hour cleaning glass shards from the driveway and I go back to the sale, this is when Squishy says "Mama you are bleeding!!" I look down and my left foot has streams of blood running down it from all the glass. It looked worse than it was and I think I was still in shock from the whole thing so I didn't even notice my bright red foot. Crazy crazy crazies.
Neat story: I prayed on Friday night about the garage sale. I was kinda worried we wouldn't get much business cause my mom had one last year and no one came (but she only put one small sign up and I guess one of horses ate it). Anyway, I asked God if he would give us a sucessful sale and I also was planning on tithing 10% of whatever we made. I made huge yellow signs and put them up all over the neighborhood. Well I think my grand total alone was $220 dollars, my mom made $40 and my sisters combined made about $18. After distributing the money to my mom and sisters, I had $198 dollars left for myself and $22 in change. Funny how that worked. Exactly 10% was in change. So I wrapped that up and took it to church for my offerring. I love it when things work out that way. NP got some extra cash and I have my spending money for KC next weekend!! Woot.

Friday, May 22, 2009


So it's Friday. I should be so excited. I am really I am but I would much rather NOT spend my Friday working. I've got so much to do, at home AND at work. Hubby is working right now, Little Big is sleeping and Squishy is watching a train movie. It's quiet, semi-clean and I should be able to crunch down and get some work done.

But I can't. I'm too distracted. I want to go out in the garage and sort through crap to sell at our garage sale tomorrow. I want to run to the drug store and pick up some little yellow prices tags because I am OCD and ran out of yellow earlier and can't bear to use another color for pricing.

Alas, I must wait until NP gets home from work. Oh well, I can wait. I can be patient if needed. Although I really don't want to.

Memorial Day Weekend begins in less than 6 hours!!! Yay! Can't wait for some fun in the sun with the kiddos and NP. Can't wait for the garage sale either. Hopefully I can make myself a few $$ so I can have a little spending moolah for my trip to KC next week.

Yeah you read right, I am going to KC.

Why, you might ask? Well where to start? I guess rewind back to last year around this time, when I was about 8 wks preggo with Little Big. Having no one to co-miserate with me and my morning, noon and night sickness I decided to turn to google, who is always there for me and never lets me down. Google told me about a few different networking sites for expecting mommies. Hoping to find a few girls nearby who might be able to sympathize with my "situation" I clicked on one link A page loads with information about trying to conceive all the way to having a 10 year old. So I create an account, put in my information and lo and behold a little profile is created just for me that tracks Little Big's growth while giving me and idea of "what to expect" in the days and months (ugh!) to come.

There was also a forum for December '08 mommies to chit chat and get to know each other. I anxiously dove in and started posting. Really not getting too much of a response was a little disappointing. Even more of a let down was how caddy, bitchy, hormonal and stupid these women were. Not only did I feel I had NOTHING in common with all 2000 of them, I just felt lost in the mess.

I would log on daily and read, picking out bits of information that seemed useful and sorting through the streams of posts about what to name the baby (c'mon you are only 8 weeks along) or why someone can't poop (give me a break). It was fun at first and quickly lost its flavor.

Every Thursday I would notice a new thread pop up "Weekly Weights and Measures..." The thread would float in and out with the other posts for the week, seeming to stay near the top or at least on the first page. Hmmm...I was curious and started "lurking." I was surprised at what I found 10-11 girls who came on weekly to share their growth with the group and chit chat. Finally one day in late June, I was about 15/16 wks at the time I decided to make my first "post." It wasn't busy and obnoxious like some of the other threads I had visited. Everyone seemed really down to earth. There were girls from all walks of life, all different ages but we all had a few things in common. We were all expected a Dec '08 baby and most girls seemed to have a personal relationship with the Lord which was JUST what I needed at this moment in my life.

I was so down about leaving Hawaii, but so down about even thinking about staying. Work was tough, finances were tight, I was sick all the time and so very tired. It seemed as though all of my friends had abandoned me and those that hadn't were going to leave the Island too. I was sad, NP knew it and Squishy could tell too. Poor guys.

These girls quickly became my "friends" my only friends who really understood what I was going through. They were there when I moved from Hawaii, they were there while I stayed in Seattle, they were still there while we were staying in North Carolina with family. Heck, they were some of the first to know that Little Big arrived safe and sound. As stupid as it may sound, you know, "meeting" people on the Internet and all. That's what I did. I am now friends with 8 wonderful women who each have their unique quirks, distinct personalities and views, but we all mesh together so well it really is amazing. Not only do I have a special set of friends but Little Big now has a set of buddies that live all over the place, from Spokane to SoCal, Texas, Kansas and even DC.

Fast forward to now and we had been talking about how fun it would be to get together to actually meet "IRL" (ah, the dreaded three letter acronym). So we plan for a meet up, the last weekend of May. From Friday to Sunday. Should be fun. I am a little nervous, I can't lie. I mean I've never actually seen these girls much less met them in person, but now I am spending a weekend with them? Call me crazy but I've got a good feeling about it, underneath all the jitters.

Well it's been hours since I started this post. I guess I should go back to work. Maybe I can finish early and still have time to sort without giving up too much sleep...TGIF!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily isn't accurate

So I guess "my daily musings" is not an accurate way to describe this "blog" (I still hate that work - I am going to use diary instead) since I've only posted every 8 days or so. Oh well. I really did have a point to this post but I lost it. I'll blame that on my "baby brain" which is really a "shrunken brain due to the recent birth of a child." Your brain actually shrinks during pregnancy and around the 6 month mark, postpartum, it has grown back to its normal size.


No wonder I feel so stupid while I wait nine miserable months for the baby to get here. Good to know I actually had an excuse.

Now that Little Big is almost 6 months old my excuse won't work anymore. I need a Nintendo DS to stimulate my brain for me. Maybe playing Super Mario Galaxy for Wii would work to? Speaking of Super Mario Galaxy I only have three stars left to collect before I have to go in and fight Bowser one last time. Then I will not only have rescued the princess but I will have unlocked Luigi's character so I can beat the whole game AGAIN using him. Wow, the things I do to keep myself entertained.

On another note, I am planning a big garage sale this Saturday. We have tons of crap (and I mean tons) that we need to sell. Unfortunately that means I have a ton of crap to sort through before the weekend gets here. Hopefully the sale will be a hit and we can make a bit of money while "free-ing" up some space. (Is that a word?)

Things...they really do take over our life. My bedroom is messy because there are new "things" all over the floor. I can't find a place for all of these new "things" because there are old "things" I don't need in places where the new "things" should be. ACK! If only I could take a week off work so I could reorganize my life and find places for all of "things."

Nope, no week off here. Instead I get to do it on Friday night...

Another random tangent. Monday was our 1 year anniversary. Wow. One YEAR. Quite a bit can happen in one year for most people, but I'd like to think our year was a bit more eventful than most.

Would you like to know what happened to us in ONE year?

Ok, here goes, we start the year off in paradise (read: Hawaii) I'll go by month...April got knocked up, got engaged, May got married, July moved to Seattle temporarily, Nick took a demotion from work, I quit my job, August drove from Seattle to Atlanta in a Jeep Wrangler, drove from Atlanta to Wilmington in the same Jeep Wrangler, August-September lived with cousins in Wilmington, October moved into a new rental home, October 23rd I start working again, October 25th Nick is "let go", December 4th baby is born, January move back to Atlanta (Wilmington SUCKED), March move back to Seattle, April ship said Jeep back to Seattle, May celebrate our year in style by eating great Hawaiian seafood on our anniversary. Fun? You betcha!! Yeah so it was stressful and annoying to be moving all over the place, never really being all the way "un-packed" or at home, but at least I got to spend it with the most amazing husband on the planet, the best little boy a mom could ask for and the most beautiful baby girl I have ever met. :o)

No worries. Life is good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Work 'till I'm tired, sleep 'till I work...

Working sucks. It really does. I would love more than anything to be able to make money doing what I want rather than doing what someone else wants. I would love to take pictures for a living, or be paid to edit photos, I could seriously do that for hours if I had the time. Scrapbooking would be another choice hobby I wouldn't mind being paid for...give me your memories and I'll make you a book! Or even being paid to shop? That would be nice but would require leaving my house and braving the annoying crowds of people who have nothing better to do but hang out at the mall. How about getting a tan? I'm good at that too. Hmmm...

Honestly, I guess I can't really complain too much. I do have it pretty easy. It's 8 am, I wake up, take a shower, get Riley and myself breakfast, meanwhile make sure baby is changed/fed/happy etc, then I clean up a bit and log on to work at around 11am. I do this day in and day out Monday through Friday. But there's no sitting in traffic, no doing my make up and drying my hair in the morning, no sitting in traffic on the drive home, no packing lunches and no getting up before 8am!! That makes me sound like a complete slob, I promise I'm not, I do clean up nicely when given the chance! Although my job is VERY frustrating and at times my lap top is in danger of being thrown across the room, I am blessed to be able to stay home with the kids and help support our family at the same time. I tired the whole stay-at-home-mom thing when I wasn't working and I think came pretty close to going insane. I've got to have something to keep me busy!!

Sure I get jealous that NP gets to leave the house to go to work and that he actually gets some alone time, but right now I think I am doing the best thing that I could be doing. So I won't complain anymore today. Things have been and could be a lot worse. God is looking out for us and our precious little family. :o)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A place for thoughts

First off, I've never been a blogger. Ever. In fact "blog" has always been on my list of words I hate, along with moist, mucus and ointment. Yuck.
After reading a few other blogs (still have trouble even typing that word) and enjoying what I read, I though it might be a good idea to capture my thoughts every once in a while. A type of diary, persay, nothing fancy though.
So, then the question of what to write about? The kids, hubby, simple everyday things that I enjoy (crafts..etc), thought about, did, have to do, don't want to do... You get the picture.
So here it goes.

welcome to my blog.