Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daily isn't accurate

So I guess "my daily musings" is not an accurate way to describe this "blog" (I still hate that work - I am going to use diary instead) since I've only posted every 8 days or so. Oh well. I really did have a point to this post but I lost it. I'll blame that on my "baby brain" which is really a "shrunken brain due to the recent birth of a child." Your brain actually shrinks during pregnancy and around the 6 month mark, postpartum, it has grown back to its normal size.


No wonder I feel so stupid while I wait nine miserable months for the baby to get here. Good to know I actually had an excuse.

Now that Little Big is almost 6 months old my excuse won't work anymore. I need a Nintendo DS to stimulate my brain for me. Maybe playing Super Mario Galaxy for Wii would work to? Speaking of Super Mario Galaxy I only have three stars left to collect before I have to go in and fight Bowser one last time. Then I will not only have rescued the princess but I will have unlocked Luigi's character so I can beat the whole game AGAIN using him. Wow, the things I do to keep myself entertained.

On another note, I am planning a big garage sale this Saturday. We have tons of crap (and I mean tons) that we need to sell. Unfortunately that means I have a ton of crap to sort through before the weekend gets here. Hopefully the sale will be a hit and we can make a bit of money while "free-ing" up some space. (Is that a word?)

Things...they really do take over our life. My bedroom is messy because there are new "things" all over the floor. I can't find a place for all of these new "things" because there are old "things" I don't need in places where the new "things" should be. ACK! If only I could take a week off work so I could reorganize my life and find places for all of "things."

Nope, no week off here. Instead I get to do it on Friday night...

Another random tangent. Monday was our 1 year anniversary. Wow. One YEAR. Quite a bit can happen in one year for most people, but I'd like to think our year was a bit more eventful than most.

Would you like to know what happened to us in ONE year?

Ok, here goes, we start the year off in paradise (read: Hawaii) I'll go by month...April got knocked up, got engaged, May got married, July moved to Seattle temporarily, Nick took a demotion from work, I quit my job, August drove from Seattle to Atlanta in a Jeep Wrangler, drove from Atlanta to Wilmington in the same Jeep Wrangler, August-September lived with cousins in Wilmington, October moved into a new rental home, October 23rd I start working again, October 25th Nick is "let go", December 4th baby is born, January move back to Atlanta (Wilmington SUCKED), March move back to Seattle, April ship said Jeep back to Seattle, May celebrate our year in style by eating great Hawaiian seafood on our anniversary. Fun? You betcha!! Yeah so it was stressful and annoying to be moving all over the place, never really being all the way "un-packed" or at home, but at least I got to spend it with the most amazing husband on the planet, the best little boy a mom could ask for and the most beautiful baby girl I have ever met. :o)

No worries. Life is good.

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