Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Garage Sale

So... I get off work at 6pm on Friday, I am sorting things for the garage sale from 6pm-10pm, 10pm-11:30pm I am pricing everything, 11:30pm-2:30am I am making huge signs. Then I am up at 8am to get ready, put my signs up and bring all the crap out that I am going to sell. During all of this, of course, there is running around after a 5 year old and tending to an almost 6 month old.... Fun.
Ok, a weird story and a neat story about the garage sale we had yesterday.
Weird first: I helped a lady out to her van with some stuff she bought, she had a big old oxygen tank and wasn't too stable on her feet, her husband was sitting in the front seat didn't even offer to help with the huge box of stuff. So I stick it in the back of her van, it was an OLD van, like a 1985 Dodge Caravan. Yeah OLD. I then offer to shut the van door because this woman is very tiny, I was towering over her. She says "Oh thank you sweety, just slam is down hard." "Ok" (insert shattering glass noises here) her WHOLE friggin' back window shattered into a MILLION pieces! All over my legs, feet, all across the drive way, EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile jack-ass husband breaks his silence and gets out of the van, yelling "what the hell happened!!" I am standing, covered in glass, in absolute horror, feeling awful about what just happened, but in shock that I had the strength to shatter a huge peice of glass?? WTH? I didn't shut it that hard, I shut it like a normal back door is usually shut. He kept saying "you shut it too hard, you shut it too hard!! you can't shut it that hard!" Well no shit sherlock, obviously that's why I'm covered in glass. (apparently it had some hairline fractures through it and was very loose). Finally the lady speaks up saying "I'm so sorry, it's my fault I told her to slam it down hard." Apparently it was opposite day and she meant don't shut it hard at all. Anyway, her husband calms down after she speaks up, but still doesn't even offer to help clean up the glass from HIS van that is all over our driveway while people are coming and going from the sale. NP and my dad proceed to knock out the the rest of the glass from the window and we send them on their merry way. They then spend the next hour cleaning glass shards from the driveway and I go back to the sale, this is when Squishy says "Mama you are bleeding!!" I look down and my left foot has streams of blood running down it from all the glass. It looked worse than it was and I think I was still in shock from the whole thing so I didn't even notice my bright red foot. Crazy crazy crazies.
Neat story: I prayed on Friday night about the garage sale. I was kinda worried we wouldn't get much business cause my mom had one last year and no one came (but she only put one small sign up and I guess one of horses ate it). Anyway, I asked God if he would give us a sucessful sale and I also was planning on tithing 10% of whatever we made. I made huge yellow signs and put them up all over the neighborhood. Well I think my grand total alone was $220 dollars, my mom made $40 and my sisters combined made about $18. After distributing the money to my mom and sisters, I had $198 dollars left for myself and $22 in change. Funny how that worked. Exactly 10% was in change. So I wrapped that up and took it to church for my offerring. I love it when things work out that way. NP got some extra cash and I have my spending money for KC next weekend!! Woot.

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