Tuesday, June 23, 2009

busy busy

Since my days of working have come to a temporary close it seems I still can't find enough time in a day to finish everything I need to. I don't know how I was doing so much before!! You'd think with 8 hour chunks of free time I could accomplish it all. Not so much. The more time I have = the more I try to do.

I have been job searching though, found a few leads only to find that "the position has been filled." There isn't much out there, kind of scary. I've also been jumping through the numerous hoops at the unemployment office, which is fun. Really fun.

But all in all I've been enjoying the extra time with Squish, Little Big and hubby. We made it down to the beach yesterday...

And had a wonderful Father's day...

And two weekends ago we made our way up to "the beach house" for some R and R

I *LOVE* summer. :o)

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