Saturday, July 25, 2009


There were three of you, I think you are still there, but I cannot see you?

Sorry I am still a bit new to the whole world of blog. For some reason I cannot see who is following my blog. I was able to a fews days ago but not anymore.


Friday, July 24, 2009

365 Cards - Day 146

"Day 146 - Mirror Me
Here's your challenge for today:
Create symmetry on your card. The only thing that does not have to be symmetrical is the sentiment"

I needed another birthday card! Unfortunately I was in a rush this morning and only had 30 minutes to create this card. So it's nothing fancy. But it does the job and is symetrical too!

supplies: brown/white cardstock - paper co, striped - dcwv, ballons - cricut, black pen - zig memory, blue/orange gelly roll.

Our reception is only 1 week away. I've been sewing a shirt for Squishy and am starting on Little Big's dress tonight. They are going to kill me when they are older because they are matching!! How cute! I can't wait for the all the pictures of my cute little munchkins in their matching aloha wear.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

365 Cards - Day 144

"Day 144 - You Raise Me Up
This one is all about adding dimension to your card - Pop Dots come to mind here, along with layering and chipboard.The Specific Challenge: Try to incorporate at least TWO ways to add dimension to your card."

I couldn't stay away, no matter how busy this week is I just HAD to make another card. Plus I needed a birthday card anyway.

All the letters were raised and the little doggy was too. I raised the first letter of each word higher than the rest. You can't really tell too much by the picture though...

supplies: green cardstock - k&co recycled, all other cardstock - paper co, dog and shapes cut with cricut, blue pen - jelly roll, 3M foam tape.

Monday, July 20, 2009

my first re-fashion...

...went pretty well, I'd have to say. Technically I did two. Lets start with the first. Being unemployed means being frugal. I've got to cut corners (literally). Squish is growing like a weed and needed a couple more sets of warm weather jammies. He had some long underwear types that were getting too small in the legs/sleeves. I used a pair he wears now as a guide for cutting and viola! After a simple hem, we have two more pairs of jammies for the boy.

Here they are before...and below is a finished pair. I haven't really sewn on knits before, it wasn't too bad. Next time I think I will use the serger and try a rolled hem...

Now here's the one that was for me...
I started with an old "wife beater" black tank top and a too small t-shirt. (hard to see I know, I didn't pick the best background...)

I combined the two and made a patchwork tank with ruffle sleeves.

I wore it to the No Doubt concert on Sunday. You can't see in this pic but the ruffles are pretty darn cute.

I guess its ok. Kinda funky, but I like stuff like that.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

365 Cards - Day 140!!

WOW! I did it, 7 cards this week and I got them all posted by 8:59 PST! (11:59 EST) It's really hard for me to keep up with all the challenges so I am not sure if I will be able to accomplish this again but at least I can say I made 1 week.

"Day 140 - Paint it! That's the challenge, plain and simple. Use a little or a lot, but make sure there's paint on your card."

I have TONS of paint in my stash so I grabbed a rainbow of colors and went to work. I used a sponge to apply the paint, the painting was then fixed behind transparent paper for a window look. The sentiment is "Mahalo" which means thank you in Hawaiian. This is a thank you card for my best friend who is helping me plan my wedding reception that is coming up at the beginning of August. It is a Luau theme so I decided to make her a Hawaiian themed card, you know since Hawaii is the "rainbow state". And because I used to live there so I love anything that reminds me of Hawaii.

supplies: all card stock - paper co, cutouts - cricut, paint - stash.

The rainbow really is true to color, however these pictures are not showing the colors correctly. Bad lighting - sorry.

Ok, that's it, I'm done for a few days... I've got some sewing to attend to, a reception to plan and No Doubt will be serenading me tomorrow night!!

365 Cards - Day 139

"Day 139 - Try a Technique
Ever try paper piercing? Well, that's what this challenge is all about. All you really need is a tool with a sharp point, and you're all set.The specifics: Use the paper piercing technique to create a pattern on your card. It doesn't have to be elaborate, just something to add to the overall appearance of your card."

I love this technique!! Almost as much as I like to stitch on paper. Its fun. Really fun. I think this card turned out super cute! Yes, more paper tearing, I am addicted and just love the look of it.

Supplies: gingham - dcwv, polka dot trim - stash, green paper - paper co, ribbon - offray, charms - stash, pierced with a good old safety pin.

365 Cards - Day 138

"Day 138 - She Said, and I Quote...
"blah, blah, blah" or something like that.And that's the challenge - just include a quotation on your card. And be sure to give proper credit ;) Also, I had originally scheduled a poem for the challenge, so please feel free to use a poem on your card, as some of the DT members have done :)"

I love this quote, I don't know the author and I searched and no one else seems to know either. I tried some paper tearing with this card and I really like how it turned out. The quotes are printed out on transparent paper for a different effect.

supplies: blue/yellow/white paper - paper co, transparent paper - paper co, quote - computer generated, cutouts - cricut.

365 Cards - Day 137

"Day 137 - I'm in a Bind!
Today, the challenge is to bind two pieces of something (card stock, plastic, etc.) to create a card. For example, use a hole punch and then attach using metal rings or yarn.Paper clips, binder clips, staples, brads, etc. are all possibilities so don't be afraid to try something new!"

This one turned out super cute and I love the colors! It's so sweet and simple. I am putting my cricut to good use now, it was stuffed in the closet until this week when I actually remembered that I owned one!

Edit: blogger is not letting me post pics so I will add them on when the window opens.

Update: blogger seems to be working now. But it is very very s - l - o - w...

supplies: green cardstock - k&co recycled, stripes - dcwv, brown - paper co, cutouts - cricut, ribbon - offray

365 Cards - Day 136

I feel like I'm in college again and I have a paper due in 31 minutes! Not really, but I do have to post 5 cards in the next 31 minutes. Yikes. So without further ado...

"Day 136 - What is Black, White, and Red all Over?
Your Card!!!That means these are the only colors to use on your card. How's that for a challenge?"

Here's mine, made specially for an old friend from highschool who is getting married at the end of the month.

Please notice the stitching on the fold, I'm proud of it. :o)

supplies: black, white, red cardstock - paper co, picture - stash, roses - dcwv, ribbon - offray, thread - stash, black pen - zig memory, "love" cutouts - cricut.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

365 Cards Day 135

Happy Monday. As happy as a Monday can be. It was overcast today. Reminded me of fall, although it wasn't cold. Where is the sunshine? Isn't it the middle of July?

Anyway, enough weather banter. On to card making. I was awarded a top trio for my "in stitches card." I was shocked to see my name on the list and clicked the link just to make sure it was really me! Surely there must be another Crystal? It was me! Needless to say I was more than pleased, as that was my very first submission for 365 cards. How neat! :o)

Today's challenge:

"Day 135 - On the Outside Looking In. I challenge you to create a window on your card using some see-through material."

I must admit I was really stumped on what to do for this challenge. There were at least 15 ideas I had but nothing really jumped out at me. After sifting through paper for about 30 minutes I finally came up with a color scheme and an idea. I cut out around the pattern on the paper and then tried my hand at drawing a larger image of the bottom two flowers. The drawing is behind the "window." Its really simple looking but all that cutting was tedious! My window isn't completely see-through but I like the look of it.

supplies: brown paper - dcwv latte matstack, cream - the paper co, translucent - paper co, ribbon - stash, drawing - freehand, black pen - zig memory system.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

365 Cards Day 134 and some SEWING!

Lets start off with the card. Its my goal to complete every card this week. I finished mine last night but haven't had the chance to sit down at the computer until now.

"Day 134 Super Sketchy Sunday

And now for the first challenge of the week:


Here's my submission:

I have to say, this looked quite a bit better last night. After seeing all the other beautiful cards I guess it seems a bit lacking. I can't put my finger on what it is though, any ideas?

supplies: black, white red card stock - the paper company, sentiment - computer generated, cherry print - dcwv sweet matstack, ribbon - offray, red pen - zig memory system.

NOW. The sewing! I recently purchased this book. I love all the cute ideas and patterns and decided to try my hand at the patchwork baby blocks. I found some super cheap fabric (like 1.50 a yd cheap!) I may even have fabric leftover to sew up the cute little carrying bag for the blocks. This is what I have started so far, almost one is completely done and only 8 more to go, ha.

It been hard to sit down and sew lately because its been so nice outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy so maybe I can get a bit more done. :o)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

365 Cards Day 132

So it's Saturday and I have another submission for 365 cards. Unfortunately I won't have time to finish the cards for the rest of the week. Oh well. I think three is pretty good for my first week!

"132 - Picture this

The challenge for today is to use the following photo to inspire your card:

Whether it be an object, colors, or a theme, how will the photo inspire you?"

CAKE, more specifically vanilla, strawberry and chocolate! Pinks and browns are so pretty together. I pieced together a pretty pink cake card. mmm...tasty.


supplies: card/envelope k&co recycled sunrise brights, cake k&co recycled earth browns, sakura gellyroll pens for the outline and sentiment inside, offray grosgrain ribbon, the rest of the cut outs are random scraps from my stash.

Friday, July 10, 2009

365 Cards Day 131

Happy Friday Everyone! I have another card for 365 cards. Once again I dug deep into my never ending scrap pile for every piece of this card. Pretty cool how you can make something so nifty with just random scraps lying around.

"Day 131 - Ad Inspired. Okay, ad inspired fans, here's a great advertisement selected by Amy:

So, here is how this challenge works - take the above image and use it to inspire your card."

I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan so this one was easy.

I left the inside blank as this is a birthday card for one of my son's friends and he is going to write "Happy Birthday" himself. He's 5 so its a big deal for him! :o)

supplies: all scraps, the fish are clip art (thanks google) from the dr seuss book "one fish two fish red fish blue fish."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

365 Cards: Day 129 - You have me in stitches

Here's something new! I found this site the other day and was instantly addicted! I love paper crafts and have a huge stash that is mostly dedicated to my scrapbooking obsession. A card is made here and there but this site is definitely going to expand my horizons!

Here are the instructions for Day 129...

"Today, I want to see stitching and/or sewing on your card. The exact challenge is that: Stitch an image on your card. Not just around the outside of the card, but an actual image. A flourish DOES count, since these are typically quite detailed."

So without further ado, here is my first submission:

An old friend of mine recently had a baby and I am sewing her the gift so why not make her a keepsake card as well? I challenged myself to use scraps only for this card and of course follow the directions stated above.
Here is the inside, I kept it blank so I could write her a special message.

Supplies: Everything is from my stash and yes everything was a scrap!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Doll clothes

No not really, I just love having a little girl. It's like having a doll all over again and I just can't get enough of making cute little things for her to wear. I've been told she will only allow this for a short period of time so I should enjoy it while I can. So here's a peek at what I've been up to.

So far I've made a tunic and bloomers...

And the dress and bloomers (I love that word!) pictured below, which are Simplicity Pattern 2668. She wore this to my cousin's wedding reception.

And now I am working on a dress for the 4th of July tomorrow, my own little pattern taken from the ever-so-famous pillowcase dress...and the bloomers from Simplicity 2668.

I added a ruffle for some extra cute.

And of course little Leilani was there to help!


I even made a patriotic little headband from some grosgrain ribbon. It fit her little noggin perfectly, I've made headbands before and they were all failures.

Best thing about this 4th of July get up? Under $10 bucks to make!