Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sewing projects #1 & #2

Here they are, the first of my August projects which were finished over a week ago but I've been so horridly behind on getting pictures off my camera. I really need to work on that. If only I could just take the pictures and they would instantly upload to my hard drive, my life would be SO much easier. Then if I could just get someone to blog all my ideas, life would be perfect!

August Project #1

Happy Stacker Toy

I bought this pattern a while back along with some cute quilting quarters. I finally got around to finishing it and I am quite happy with the results. The yellow fabric on the bottom ring is from a sundress that never fit correctly, the rest are quarters that were about $1.50 each. So all in all this was a VERY detailed, but cheap project to finish, not counting what I spent on the pattern of course. Its really fun to make even though it does include quite a bit of hand sewing. But if you don't mind that (I don't) then I highly recommend it! Plus it is just TOO cute!

Little Miss Big really likes it.


  1. I love your stacker toy! How fantastic!!! Is there any thing in the center?

  2. just a long "baseball" bat shaped. fabric pole that goes up the middle, it is done in a zebra stripe print and she loves to "hit" people with it!


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