Sunday, August 9, 2009

a stitch in time

I have something to share that I think is very special. It is also very old. And unfortunately it is not mine, but I hope someday it will be...

This is a Victorian crazy quilt. It is a style of quilting from the Victorian era that was widely popular, a little history can be found
here and here. This quilt belonged to my Great Grandma, it was originally made by her Aunt sometime in the 1880's. So that would make the creator my Great Great Great Aunt. Wow. The pictures really don't do it justice. The colors are still vibrant and the different textures of the fabric are wonderful. It really is beautiful to look at. The embroidery is completely amazing, I can't imagine all the painstaking hours spent on this quilt. Once unfolded you can see names of family members in different spots on the quilt, my Great Great Great Great Grandfather's name is embroidered in a space, along with his brothers and my Great Great Great Uncles. For some reason there were a few sibling's names that were left off the quilt, my Grandma attributes this to the fact that a family feud was going on during the time the quilt was being created. Not only is this a beautiful piece of artwork but there is some family history stitched all over it too! The ever so popular "spider in its web" can also be found throughout the quilt (this was thought to bring the quilter good luck).
More often then not these quilts were made smaller, to use as a throw or small blanket. The one pictured above fits on a queen size bed. My Grandma said there is one other quilt as well, this one was give to my Aunt. There are two of these beauties out there! Wow!
As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the quilt isn't mine. My Grandma gave it to my mom, which makes complete sense! Ha ha, I am still just a little jealous. That's ok, I can admire it from afar and wait patiently, hoping that one day it is passed down to me. :o)


  1. Hi Crissy, it is very nice, do you do quilting yourself? I would give it a go if I had time... so maybe in 20 years or so once the kids have grown up and moved out lol :) oh and please pop over to my blog when u have a chance, I have an award 4 you xx

  2. I "quilted" when I was little but nothing spectacular, I would like to give it a go this winter. My sister is expecting in January and I am making her a crib set with a quilt - hopefully it turns out!

  3. I looooove this!! I am so obsessed with Victorian Crazy quilts!! I just purchased a bunch of squares like this at a flea market and just gave away one on my blog!!! Aren't quilts soooo neat. I just started quilting this summer and can NOT stop :) My blog has a bunch of pics of the quilts that I have made and found :)

  4. I would love to see that blanket unfolded in all of its glory i bet it is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story, its amazing how such things can have such history to them. I hope to make some thing like this, as in a pass me down item one day.


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