Wednesday, September 9, 2009


(Lots of nines today...)
It's my baby boy's first day of kindergarten today. I can't believe he is already off to school. How does time go by so fast? It seems like just yesterday was his first day of preschool and it was filled with tears and "mama don't go!" 'Bout broke my heart.
His first day of Kindergarten, now that's a different story...
He was up by 7 and so anxious to eat breakfast so he "wouldn't be late!" We packed his lunch in his new lunch bag and picked out an outfit to wear (not like he really cares what he wears anyway)... There was a quick pause, between running out the door to the car, for pictures. It was hard to get him to sit still long enough for a picture that wasn't blurry.
Once we arrived at school he was so excited to meet the teachers aides and find a spot to sit down for quiet play. He said "ok, mama, you can go now!" at least 4 times. Wow. He is really growing up. After giving him 3 big hugs and asking repeatedly if it was really ok that I leave I slowly walked away and watched my happy little guy settle into his new surroundings. :o(

(A quick note regarding school lunches...I wasn't to happy by all the garbage that could be created by packing a lunch each day for Squishy. So I have decided to only use reusable items or packaging that can be recycled. I am in the process of creating a reusable sandwich wrapper as well. I have seen a few cute ones on etsy but I just know I can make them myself. Still trying to figure out a good material. I have a few in mind but need to do a tad more research)

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