Wednesday, September 16, 2009

autumn is in the air

Well not really, its still pretty warm here - which I am VERY thankful for! (I'm not quite ready to let go of summer) But Rachel and Elsie's Autumn Online Craft Class started this week so I can pretend it feels a little Autumn-ish as I am being inspired by all the cuteness! There is so much in store for us over these next couple of months! I can't wait for all of the goodies that we'll be making.

Here's the first embroidery hoop mini album

How cute is that?

I think its a great idea, makes a fun little photo book so much more interesting.

Better yet, everything I used was repurposed or scraps - except the embroidery hoops.

Since I had so many picture pages I decided to attach them together for less of a mess.

My mother-in-law's birthday is this week - guess what she is getting as a present?


  1. Oh hi hi :) I found your blog at the RVA pool in FLickr!!

    Im in the autumn class too! Your blog is so pretty!! You are very talented :) I specially like the stuff you make for your little girl! it inspires me so much :) I have a 6 m (almost 7m) baby :) Her name is Sara :)

    Im following your pretty blog!!



  2. Yay I love followers...I am heading over to your blog right now. Baby girls are so much fun!


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