Friday, September 11, 2009

Grids and Grommets Bag - Indygo Junction

I finally am getting a few pictures up of this marvelous bag! I won the pattern in a give away from Your Fabric Place a while back, ordered a few yards from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection and went to work. The pattern was well written and very easy to follow. The only problem I had was with one of the holes stretched slightly before I snapped the grommet in, frustrating! It was an easy fix though - once I took the time to sit down and figure it out. I recommend basting around the holes before you cut them out, it really helps hold the two layers of fabric together while you are cutting and "installing" the grommets. So all in all, easy project and I am quite pleased with the end result!


  1. This is a very cute grommet bag. I work for Indygo Junction and LOVE Amy Butler - check out my blog for pictures of me and Amy Butler together at the last Quilt Show I attended. Great Job!! I'm definitely passing this one to our president and designers of this purse. Thanks, Cheryl

  2. I forgot to leave my blog address:

    Thanks, Cheryl

  3. It is as beautiful bag. Great job.

  4. It's very cute! I'm thinking of taking a class on this bag. Where did you get your gromments?

  5. Beautiful! I love how this turned out, and the shade of the fabrics is so pretty! I have never used grommets, is that difficult? Thanks for entering my handbag pattern giveaway! :-)


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