Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've been inspired once again.

inspiration was found

I think those dolls are so dang cute, so many cute/funny faces and look at all the colors! I just had to try and make one.

I had a few old t-shirts in a pile of clothes waiting to be repurposed.
Green and Pink.
A boy and a girl, for Squishy and Little Big.

Here's Green when he was still a t-shirt...

Here's Green finished.

I would show you a picture of Pink but she is in bed with Little Big right now. Shhhh!


  1. This is so cute! I was just going to make some for my girls this weekend. We were at a store that had the ugly dolls and they loved them, but I thought it would be way more fun (and easy) to make them! I can't wait.


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