Wednesday, September 30, 2009

oh the delay!

What is about to be posted here, should have been posted back in April - YIKES! But this blog did not exist in April. Instead, its being posted 5 months later. Unfortunately, this is a "summa time" project (in my opinion) and it's no longer summer. However, it was so much fun I want to share it regardless of the season.

Bright white items, all tied up with rubber bands, just "dying" for some color. (these are cloth diapers, used as burp rags)

Such a nice, bright stew of blue!

The rinsing after each color is very important or you will end up with a nice shade of brown. Yuck.

Finished! Now that is pretty.

My sister and I dyed a couple t-shirts, a onesie, this lovely maxi dress and some super cute burps rags. I *love* tie dye. :o)


  1. Tie dye is so much fun! and the result is always uber cool!

  2. Its always summer in Costa Rica :D wee hee! great project!! Im gonna give it a try for sure!


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