Monday, September 14, 2009


I haven't posted too much in regards to food on this blog. Which is sad because I really LOVE to cook, bake and EAT. Mmmmm.

We have an abundance of plums at my parents house, there are so many they are just falling off the trees. They can't go to waste so I've been picking what I can every day...

Now I just need recipes to use all these darn things.

Squishy loves fruit leather (so do I) and I thought I would try to make some. It is time consuming but turns out so tasty! I was inspired to try this by a few other bloggers out there in bloggerville (sorry I forgot who, if it was you, thank you for the idea!) I looked up a recipe for fruit leather and found one

It sure is tasty and makes a great treat for school lunches. My only advice...make sure you don't pour too much of the fruit puree or it will take FOREVER to dry. By forever I mean more than 12 hours.

One baking sheet of leather takes about four cups of chopped plums (seen above) out your fingers will turn purple!

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