Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some blogging fun

I saw this over on luvinthemommyhood and I thought I would join in:

Making: A crib set for my new niece who is going to arrive in January (can't wait!!).
Cooking: More zucchini bread (these veggies are on steroids and won't stop growing!)
Drinking: Just water, my beverage of choice.
Reading: Waiting for my third Sookie Stackhouse novel to arrive.
Wanting: A new wool coat.
Looking: At beautiful Mount Rainier.
Playing: A game called 'get as much as you can completed while baby takes a nap'.
Wasting: Time, filling this out. :o)
Sewing: A quilted tree skirt for Christmas (that's only one of about 50 things that I want to start).
Wishing: That summer would last forever.
Enjoying: A beautiful 85+ degree day.
Waiting: For Squishy to come home from his "date" with Auntie Nene.
Liking: My new Nordstrom catolog.
Wondering: What the next few months have in store for us.
Loving: My family.
Hoping: That summer lasts a bit longer.
Marvelling: At how big my little girl is now.
Needing: Some new boots!
Smelling: The fresh, warm breeze, and then the horses (stinky).
Wearing: Billabong, shorts and t-shirt.
Following: Seahawks, starting tomorrow.
Noticing: The house is very quiet with my 5 year old gone.
Knowing: Everything will work out.
Thinking: Of all the projects I need to start working on - where to begin?
Bookmarking: Lots of new, inspirational blogs.
Opening: The pool for a quick swim while baby naps.
Giggling: At my hubby trying to displace as much water as possible by doing a massive cannon ball into the pool.
Feeling: Lazy.

You should fill this out too and then post a link for yours in the comments section below!

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  1. Your answers are great! too funny! I'm glad you joined in! I'm glad I'm not the only one who plays that game called 'get as much as you can completed while baby takes a nap'.
    Thanks for being part of the mommyhood :)


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