Monday, October 5, 2009

another RVA inspired project...

These are inspired by project #4 in Rachel and Elsie's Autumn Online Craft Class. I used some onesies that the baby never got to wear and added some cute little details. I'll be giving these to my cousin's little girl. (sorry for the poor lighting in the photos, I waited until the end of the day to take bad)
some cute embroidery on the front
ruffles on the bum

ruffles around the cuffs and collar
I swore I'd never jump on the ruffle band wagon but they turned out so cute! These are going into the stack of xmas gifts that are waiting to be wrapped! We are going to visit family for a week during Thanksgiving and will be celebrating xmas with hubby's family during that time so I have to get all my presents done early. Lets hope I can stick to this pace and get them all done in time. I would love to relax for once during the holiday season...

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  1. Too sweet! You did a great job!
    Thanks for visiting me at my blog...I love it when you drop by :)


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