Thursday, October 1, 2009

granny goodness.

I tried my first crochet "granny square" last night. I am in love. I ADORE making these nifty little squares. There are a ba-zillion color combinations and they all look so cute when they are done. I can't wait to make a quilt.

Now for some pics. Here is project #10 for the RVA crafts class. It's a neat-o little granny square clutch. I am so very pleased with the result and will be making many, many more of these.

the inside is lined with felt.

this is the back, I rotated the brown and yellow.

For yarn, I used Lion Brand wool-ease, a 6mm hook and two vintage buttons in my stash. The color combo is totally 70's inspired.

The thing I love about crochet is how you can do it while doing everything else: chase babies, watch tv, make get the idea. This is very helpful with a 9 month old crawling around. Or should I say toddling. She took her first steps yesterday. My baby is getting so big!!

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  1. I NEED to learn to crochet! I love this clutch <3 Congrats on Big's first steps!! Such a wonderful time in all your lives :) xx


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