Thursday, October 22, 2009

my baby is walking

I can officially say she is walking now.  I can't believe it!  It seems just a short while ago she was only a little tiny baby, and now she is toddling all over the place!  Where does time go?

Here she is at 2 days old...

And now 10 months old...

In other news, I've completed the top of the quilt for my niece.  It's looking completely adorable. The trim is next, I'll be making lots of pretty purple ruffles tomorrow.

I am a genius and purchased a pattern for this crib set.  It was really silly to buy a pattern for something that consists of only rectangles.  All I really need are measurements.  Oh well.

Here are the shower invites I created for my sister. I wanted to hand print them but she was set on a certain font, and it is her shower after all, so I had to comply. Atleast I was able to draw the little bunny. It matches the bunny print used on the quilt.



  1. Chrissy your baby girl is matter how big they get they will always be our babies. The invitations are precious...and the quilt is very sweet...your niece will be so cozy!

  2. Your quilt is so great!

    And that is one cute little girl

  3. I love the colors on that quilt!! :) your daughter is so sweet hehe :)


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