Thursday, October 15, 2009

something for the boy

Having a girl is fun, she is my little dolly. I can dress her in whatever I want, no complaints (yet). Needless to say, I am really enjoying it. In fact I am enjoying it so much that I sometimes forget I need to spread a little pixie dust in other directions. Like my little guy. He is five, and very much a boy, so I can't exactly crochet him a beanie and put a big flower on it...or embroider him an adorable onesie...

But there are quite a few things I CAN do for him.

Like this...

A simple black t-shirt, embellished with none other than my absolute favorite: Pacman. I cut the ghost and Pacman from felt. The eyes of the ghost were painted on with fabric paint, then let dry over night. Then the felt pieces were stitched onto the shirt with matching embroidery floss and both were outlined in GLOW IN THE DARK fabric paint. You should have seen the look on Squishy's face when he saw them glow. I am so happy that he hasn't quite outgrown the ability to appreciate the quirky things I make for him. He even has a nice wool, blue beanie that is being started for him, and I promised to leave off the flower. :o)

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  1. Yes, it is hard to find something nice to sew for a boy that will pass inspection of the boy AND his Dad.

    You did good with the T Shirt!


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