Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

Here it is my official entry for the Shabby Apple Dresses Dare to Design contest.  

The dress is simple yet chic, it can be dressed up with a cute pair of heels,
or dressed down with a simple pair of flats.
On a rainy spring day a pair of boots can be worn as well for more of a western flair.

The material is light weight jersey knit, perfect for the warming days of spring.
The trim and belt are the same material but in a contrasting color. 
The belt is bunched up a bit to create a textured look,
yet sits high on the waist for a slimming effect. 
The faux wrap-around adds a unique look and helps the dress flow in a flirty way.
At the waist and hips the material hugs the body (not too tight) and slowly drapes down to the full hemline for a nice swish when you walk.

Springtime in Seattle is beautiful, we have our share of rainy days and sunny days.
A mix of bright blues, deep greens, dark blues and stormy gray inspired the pallete for this dress.
I created two color combos, the first being a heather gray with a bright sky blue trim.
The second is a darker gray blue with a deep forest green trim.

I've never designed a dress before.  Even if I don't win, I'd love to try and make this.  Yay for Spring!  (yes I know, it's not even winter yet)


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  1. Oh wow. I love it. And you are such a wonderful sketch artist. I'm horrible at that. Love the color palette too. I hope you win!


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