Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween...a wee bit late

better late than never though...

I spent zilch, zero, as in nothing on the kids costumes this year.  SO proud! 

Squishy's was easy.  He wanted to be a train engineer (he was one last year too).  So I cut a 12x12 square of red cotton for his hankerchief and he already had the hat.  Overalls would have been great but I couldn't find a pair anywhere, and I looked all over the place!

For Little Big's Tinkerbell costume I used some fleece from a receiving blanket I had already cut up.  I had just enough for a little tunic which I trimmed with fabric paint for a cute sparkle...I mean pixie dust 

For the wings I stiffined them with heavy weight interfacing and used wire to hold them up.  I added some more fabric paint for a sparkle and viola!
The headband was just a simple crochet waffle stitch embellished with some fleece stars and more pixie dust (fabric paint).

Isn't she cute?

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