Saturday, November 14, 2009


Finally.  The crib set for my niece (due to arrive in January) is DONE.  I spent two weeks working on this set.  I am sure if I could just sit down and sew for hours that it wouldn't take quite as much time.  But I have children to chase so my sewing sessions are short and usually interrupted quite frequently.  All that aside though, I am so glad to have this finished.  I never understood why people would charge $300 for a handmade crib set.  Well, NOW I know why.  It is tedious, time consuming work with lots of yardage, lots of gathering and lots of backaches.  My sewing room was starting to feel like a sweatshop.  I don't have pictures of the dust ruffle yet, it got too dark before it was finished.  It's my favorite part though.  Here's the rest of the set, for your viewing pleasure.  :o)

The quilt

the hardest part...the bumpers

two crib sheets (so easy)

the cute bunny pattern my sister picked out, it's cream and light green

Hope you enjoyed a fun filled Friday the 13th.
Happy Saturday (in 5 minutes)


PS I am painting a pig tomorrow, I'll post pics tomorrow night.


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  1. Ohhhhh!! :) it's done! congratulations its SO pretty! love the colors so mucho!! :)




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