Tuesday, December 8, 2009

birthday success

I am being a bad blogger and have no craftiness to post.  There are several projects strewn around the house, all half finished.  Hopefully tomorrow will remedy that and I can get some things done.  Little Big's Christmas dress is all cut out and waiting to be sewn together, I have about 10 little ornaments that are partially painted, a hat that needs to be finished, a half finished tutorial, you get the idea...

ANYWAY.  Here are a few pictures from the birthday party on Saturday.

Red Velvet in the raw

Red Velvet complete with cream cheese frosting...yummmm...


A happy birthday girl.

funny faces
(we've just learned to grit our teeth - mama loves it)

Pardon the sick looking baby, this is week #3 of us being under the weather.
(And yes, if you were wondering, we do have a little boy who is 5, but he doesn't pose for pictures anymore though.  Which makes me sad.)



  1. You sound like me I have about ten half finished projects going on right now~

    Those cute cupcakes look so good :D It looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Sheeeee's so cute! :) OMG her clothes bah she looks awesome :) and those cupcakes are just perfect! You always choose the perfect colors!


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