Friday, December 4, 2009

the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Here is the giveaway!

And here are the stockings.
pardon the horrible lighting, the sun was on his way out the door when I snapped these pictures.

These were made for a friend who needed a pair of stockings for a soon-to-be mommy and daddy.  So cute!  I think they turned out nicely.  I was even able to finish them while suffereing from H1N1.  HA.  Even the flu couldn't keep me from being busy.  I think I will put these in my shop next Christmas, they really turned out cute.

In other news its December 3rd, that means 22 days until Christmas.  It also means that my little girl has been a part of my life for almost 365 days.  Its her big birthday tomorrow.  She is almost a YEAR OLD.  I can't believe it.  Wow...
so tiny and so perfect, only a few hours old

look at the difference that 365 days makes!

I have an idea for a tutorial, stay tuned, maybe Sunday...



  1. Oh Crissy she is just adorable,Happy Birthday to her and Kudos to you for doing such a good job!~Love the stockings :)

  2. I love the stockings I am wanting to make some this year just not sure its going to happen.

    What a cutie I hope she has a wonderful birthday!



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