Sunday, January 31, 2010

a quick post

I haven't much to say today.  Its family day for us.  Church in the morning and some shopping in the afternoon, after that nothing but relaxation.  I love it.  I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday as well!

Here is an addition to Squishy's room.  I used pastels to create this picture.

I am going to be rolling out a blog schedule very soon, I need some ideas.  How do you decided what to post and when?  Do you stick to a certain schedule or just post whenever you have something you want to share?  Any and all input is appreciated!



Saturday, January 30, 2010

a super sweet saturday

Hello bloggyville!  I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.  I know I am.  Squishy is with the grandparents on a special outing and Little Big is taking a nap.  That means I have time to sew (and the house is quiet!  And sew I did.  I know about 7 people (all family) who have had or are having babies in the month of January and February.  No joke!  That's quite a few babies.  Here is the kicker...they are all girls!!  WOW.  Lots of babies means lots of presents.  I whipped these up in under an hour.

So easy.  They are based off this tutorial.
I love Jill's blog, she is so creative and inspiring!

I'll have lots more cute stuff to come as more babies arrive...


Thursday, January 28, 2010

inspired chaos

lately I've got so many good ideas and projects I want to start that my head feels like it might explode!  I blame this on the fact that Blogland is filled to the brim with inspiring goodies and its making a mess out of me.  I can only get so much done but there is SO much more that I want to do!  Its chaos!  (take a deep breath crissy)  How can this be solved?  Well, I should probably prioritize, make some lists and then start checking off those lists, right?  Atleast if its down on paper, and out of my brain, my head won't explode.  How do you decide what to do and how to prioritize?  Oh I'm lost here...

In the meantime please enjoy some pretty pictures of heart garlands.  I'm sure you've all seen these around quite a bit lately but they are so very lovely.  :o)  I am working on one of my own this week...

Laurie Anne's "all you need is love" banner  

Janel's heart garland

and this one that Carrie made

Love them all!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

old clips into new bows

I wanted some cute hair clips the other day and didn't have any
so...I made some...

you'll need two strips of fabric - mine were about 1.5in x 3in,
two small pieces of felt for the middle of the bow .5in x 1.5in,
a sewing machine or needle and thread,
glue (hot glue or tacky glue) and of course two clips. 
(you'll notice the strips of fabric are different sizes because I didn't want my bows exactly the same) 

fold your fabric in half like this

sew around the edges (machine or hand stitch), leaving a small opening on one of the long sides - clip the corners for turning.

turn them inside out, use a pencil to poke the corners out and then iron, make sure to turn under the raw edges of the turning hole

sew all the way around the bow as close to the edge as possible, this will close up the turning hole

pinch each finished piece into a "bow" shape

wrap your felt piece around the bow to make sure it fits properly and you have the right shape

line the top edge of the felt with glue (make sure this is the back of the bow)
set the bow aside for a minute...

take your clip and line the top with glue as pictured below

carefully slide your clip in the space between the felt and the bow, the glue will spread to hold it

snap the clips shut and let dry over night

aren't they cute?


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a special day

Yesterday my dear grandmother turned 76.  We celebrated with her on Sunday and in spite of the rain it was a very nice day.  She had one request, she asked that we not purchase her any gifts and instead send the money we would have spent, to an organization to help the situation in Haiti.  Well...I didn't purchase her a gift but I did make her a simple necklace using glass beads and cats eye.  She really liked it.  And that made me happy.

Of course I still made a donation in her name, that means she really got two presents.  Lucky lady.  :o)

Monday, January 25, 2010

project #2

Happy Monday to you all!  I finished project #2 for style school on Saturday... I still need to find the perfect pictures to hang from the clothes pins. 

Dark pictures - so sorry.  It is really gloomy and rainy here.  Yuck.

I've been having fun with Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - tons of cool filters, so much fun to play with!

I also got one of these...

So I can do this...

And make these...

I love yarn.

what are you up to this week?


Sunday, January 24, 2010

something simple

I made this headband yesterday...

I love headbands but they always are too tight, or slip off my head and most give me horrid headaches.  So I don't wear them much.

I finally decided to make a cute comfy one.  I've seen these on a few blogs. So I am not claiming this idea as my own!  However, here is my twist on it.  :o)

I used chunky yarn and a M size hook.

start with a slip knot.

begin your single chain.  I did somewhere around 30 sc to fit my head.

once its long enough, tie off your end, leaving a tail.

knot your two ends together so it fits your head a little snugly. (yarn will stretch)
and then cut off the tails!



quick post...

I wanted to share what arrived in the mail a few days ago...I won a giveaway from the sewing dork! Yay for vintage goodies!  Cute buttons, fabric, a golden book and even a pattern.  I haven't decided what to use the notions for...yet.  Until then they sit on my desk, smiling at me.  :o)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Friday, January 22, 2010

some wants

Here is a little list of things I want need to make, like now.

jumper and doily pillow by Rachel at smile and wave  

Happy Friday everyone!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

what a day.

I found this on Janel's blog and it spoke to me.


You ever had one of those days where it takes everything you've got just to keep moving?

I am surprised I made it until bedtime.  Thank goodness the kids actually are IN bed and ASLEEP!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So...I am really in to home decor lately.  I have this urge to decorate each room in the house, one by one.  Unfortunately for me, because we are currently (temporarily) living in a home that is not our very own.  I only have bedrooms to decorate.  Ah, well you have to start somewhere, why not the bedroom?

Pottery Barn Kids always has great ideas for kids rooms, although sometimes they are just a bit "too put-together" - I like a little bit of mismatch with some newer items paired with vintage.  Anyway, Squishy loves trains, (not the whole Thomas the train thing) real, heavy duty, loud, fast trains.  Like this one...

I want to paint a big old steam locamotive like that one, on a canvas for his room.

I love this photograph. It belongs in his room too.

I found this one at PB kids, even I would have LOVED this in my room as a child!

PB kids has a whole train inspired room theme, very cute.

So many great ideas!


blues and greens

Project #1 from Style School.

can you tell what my favorite colors are right now?


Monday, January 18, 2010

seaside snowflakes

I love collecting shells and especially after living in Hawaii my "collection" has become pretty extensive.  While they are lovely sitting in a bowl as decor, its nice to actually use them for projects too.  This holiday season I had an urge to use a few sand dollars for our Christmas ornaments.  So here is what I came up with.

I bought the snowflakes at Target for fifty cents each (steal!), used hot glue to adhere the sand dollar and ribbon to the snowflake. Then I painted the sand dollar with glue and glittered away. I love Martha Stewart's glitter, its the best.