Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Squishy was feeling silly today.

I am slowly coming out of the "Christmas slump" the decorations have been organized and stored.  My craft/sewing room is emerging from its messy fog.  Things should be up and running normally by the end of this month.

 I mentioned goals a few days back...this list is mainly for my sake, so if its boring, I'm sorry.  Hopefully I can get a few of these crossed off and done this month!

1) start blogging daily
2) open an etsy shop
3) catch up on all scrapbooking (3 years worth - scary!)
4) master my new camera and take lots of pretty pictures!
5) organize and back up all photos and videos (this is january's goal)
6) keep up the handmade pledge for all gifts throughout the year
7) make it to 100 followers!  (you all can help me with this one)  :o)
8) start painting again
9) make more clothes for my little one
10) post more tutorials

10 is good for now...



  1. Ugh Crissy. I'll join you in the scrapbooking one. I'm 2 years behind. Yikes! That's going to be a tough one to tackle!

  2. totally...I am dreading the start but once I get going I think it'll be fun. Ah the memories!


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