Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I love it

My camera arrived on Saturday.  I love it.  It is amazing.  I have so much to learn, but I adore learning new things and mastering different skills.  Now that I finally have a DSLR I can dive head-first into the wonderful world of capturing light as art. 

Here are a few examples, these are just basic shots as I still have to figure out all the settings...but the comparision to my little Sony point-and-shoot...well, there really is no comparision.

Sony DSC-T90

(this is Little Big's Christmas dress...that I made)

Canon XSi

I can't believe the difference, these were even taken later in the afternoon, with crappy lighting and the results are a million times better.  I can't believe I survived this long without it.  :o)


  1. You got the camera! Fabulous! I'm so jealous :)
    I am saving up for one...Santa didn't deliver but I am glad you got one...the photos are awesome and your little princess is adorable :)
    Happy New Year! xx

  2. Beautiful photos! And super cute dress, too!

  3. love the camera even if I am a little jealous haha can't wait to see all your pictures!


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