Thursday, January 28, 2010

inspired chaos

lately I've got so many good ideas and projects I want to start that my head feels like it might explode!  I blame this on the fact that Blogland is filled to the brim with inspiring goodies and its making a mess out of me.  I can only get so much done but there is SO much more that I want to do!  Its chaos!  (take a deep breath crissy)  How can this be solved?  Well, I should probably prioritize, make some lists and then start checking off those lists, right?  Atleast if its down on paper, and out of my brain, my head won't explode.  How do you decide what to do and how to prioritize?  Oh I'm lost here...

In the meantime please enjoy some pretty pictures of heart garlands.  I'm sure you've all seen these around quite a bit lately but they are so very lovely.  :o)  I am working on one of my own this week...

Laurie Anne's "all you need is love" banner  

Janel's heart garland

and this one that Carrie made

Love them all!!



  1. awe i am so flattered that you included mine! It made my day :D

    I understand I feel the same way I keep a notebook with all the stuff I want to make...


  2. Yes, I get like this all the time! You're absolutely right, there is just so much inspiration online that it can become overwhelming. I keep several lists of things I want to make - a wist ( of patterns or tutorials that I like and would like to do *someday,* and a paper-and-pen list of the projects I want to do in the near future. I constantly update that list and rearrange the order of projects as I feel inspired to do one or the other.

    I love all of those heart garlands! Another one to add to the list, haha!


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