Wednesday, January 27, 2010

old clips into new bows

I wanted some cute hair clips the other day and didn't have any
so...I made some...

you'll need two strips of fabric - mine were about 1.5in x 3in,
two small pieces of felt for the middle of the bow .5in x 1.5in,
a sewing machine or needle and thread,
glue (hot glue or tacky glue) and of course two clips. 
(you'll notice the strips of fabric are different sizes because I didn't want my bows exactly the same) 

fold your fabric in half like this

sew around the edges (machine or hand stitch), leaving a small opening on one of the long sides - clip the corners for turning.

turn them inside out, use a pencil to poke the corners out and then iron, make sure to turn under the raw edges of the turning hole

sew all the way around the bow as close to the edge as possible, this will close up the turning hole

pinch each finished piece into a "bow" shape

wrap your felt piece around the bow to make sure it fits properly and you have the right shape

line the top edge of the felt with glue (make sure this is the back of the bow)
set the bow aside for a minute...

take your clip and line the top with glue as pictured below

carefully slide your clip in the space between the felt and the bow, the glue will spread to hold it

snap the clips shut and let dry over night

aren't they cute?



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