Saturday, January 30, 2010

a super sweet saturday

Hello bloggyville!  I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday.  I know I am.  Squishy is with the grandparents on a special outing and Little Big is taking a nap.  That means I have time to sew (and the house is quiet!  And sew I did.  I know about 7 people (all family) who have had or are having babies in the month of January and February.  No joke!  That's quite a few babies.  Here is the kicker...they are all girls!!  WOW.  Lots of babies means lots of presents.  I whipped these up in under an hour.

So easy.  They are based off this tutorial.
I love Jill's blog, she is so creative and inspiring!

I'll have lots more cute stuff to come as more babies arrive...


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  1. Love your burp cloths! Such pretty colours and fabrics xx


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