Saturday, February 20, 2010

artist feature

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I decided to feature an artist on my blog today...having never done this before I figured it would be a nice change from the norm.  (since I don't have a finished sewing project for my "sewing saturday" post)

I took a picture of the artwork in a frame - sorry for the glare on the glass.

Anywhoo...this was painted by an artist named Crystal Campbell.  I've met her once, she goes to church with my son's grandparents.  Her paintings are beautiful.  Mostly flowers and scenery local to the Northwest.  Her etsy shop is here - if you get a chance take a look at her work, it is beautiful, she is talented! 

The painting above, however, is very special.  It just happens to be a picture of my son, Riley.  When I first saw this painting, it took my breath away.  After entering the room, I stopped dead in my tracks and instantly exlaimed "that's squishy!" 

My son's grandfather comissioned Crystal to paint this picture of Riley as a valentines day gift for his wife, Riley's grandma.  Crystal captured Riley's personality perfectly: his unruly blond hair is all over (like normal) and he is, of course, at the beach AND not looking at whoever took the picture (typical).  This is definitely a treasure and warms my heart when I look at it.  Thank you Crystal Campbell.

happy weekend everyone!


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