Wednesday, February 24, 2010

refashion #2

Now I know I said I would be using a thrifted men's shirt to make a cute shirt for myself.  Well, let's just say I had a "craftfail" moment yesterday.  I was about halfway done with the tutorial and while trimming the sleeves I cut through the shirt.  Yep, ruined it - not repairable.  Fantastic! 

I. was. so. mad.  Fuming.
SO... that shirt went in the scrap pile.  Maybe I'll make Leilani a little skirt out of it.  

Anyway, here is the tutorial I will show you instead...

you'll need a shirt that you want to shorten the sleeves on, a sewing machine, some elastic, an iron and of course, some scissors.

this is a cute long sleeve, button up, shirt that I found on a clearance rack - I love purple

but it has a hole in the top of one sleeve - so lets get rid of that hole!

I cut the sleeves off right at the hole, and did the same on the other sleeve - make sure they are even with each other, you don't want asymetrical sleeves

using the edge of a t-shirt sleeve as a guide, even out each sleeve

now we need to hem the sleeves, depending on how long/short you want your sleeves, turn under the hem - I turned under 1 inch

I rolled the hem over once more (another inch) to hide the raw edge - press

repeat this on the other sleeve and you are ready to sew

stitch all the way around the hem on each sleeve with coordinating thread

here's the finished hem - you can stop here, but I wanted to add some girly flair to my sleeve (because a purple shirt with floral print isn't girly enough)

now you'll need to cut two pieces of elastic, the size will vary depending on how tight/loose you want the sleeve to fit around your arm.  I cut each about 1.5 inches.

now, find the center on each sleeve, about .5 in above the hem - mark it with a disappearing marker

pin the elastic to the center line you just marked

stretch it out on both sides and pin, this will show you how much your fabric will gather and where to start sewing the elastic

place the elastic at the to the top of the three pins - start sewing and make sure to backstitch to hold it in place, after the backstitch, start sewing.  keep the elastic straight as possible

repeat this on the other sleeve

here is the finished gather from the outside

and the inside (my stitches are a little wonky)

all finished!

I think the sleeves are adorable - a nice winter weather shirt turned spring!



  1. WOW! I love it...especially the sleeve detail :) If I had a dollar for every sewing catastrophe...well...I'd be better off :) xo

  2. oh super cute! I have had plenty of sewing problems to the point of wanting to throw the thing out the window lol


  3. Cute refashion! As far as your craft fail goes, I've definitely been there. That's so frustrating, I'm sorry!

  4. Adorable! You've got mad skills girl! =) xoxo


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