Tuesday, February 23, 2010

refashion week!

Welcome to my little refashion week - I'll have my first tutorial posted tomorrow as I was a little busy today and didn't have time to finish taking pictures before dark.  The kiddos come before my blog.  :o) 

This week I will be sharing 5 different ways you can spruce up your wardrobe, or your kids wardrobe, without really spending any money!  I don't know about you, but lately when I go shopping, nothing I've seen is really calling my name.  Instead I decided to make pretty what we already have.  By doing this, I can be creative, save a little money and make something unique!

Here are a few refashioned/upcycled items I found on etsy that gave me some inspiration.  Enjoy!

tweed capelet made from an upcycled skirt

and the following...they are my favorite!
MungoCrafts is by far one of my fav etsy shops


I am in love with these hoodies!  I want one so bad.



  1. The hoodies are so cool. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  2. I've always loved those sweater skirts! I might have to try to make one myself sometime!

    That cape is adorable also. I kind of suck at clothes stuff, so I'm super excited to see what kind of tutorials you're going to have. :D

    So glad we're new friends. Happy Tuesday!


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