Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tuesday tute

I have lots of buttons

I like to organize them by color
the green collection is my favorite

I store them in glass jars - but the jars were starting to look boring

so I gathered some supplies
felt (various colors to match my buttons), hot glue, sharpie, scissors (you might need white paint too, depending on the color of your lids and felt)

if the lid is dark and the felt is a bit see-through,
paint the top of your lid white

after the paint dries, trace around your lid,
leaving a little excess felt that you will trim off later

cut out the felt for the top of the lid and the rim

using your HOT glue gun (ouch)
carefully glue your felt to the top and rim of the lid

make sure you have a nice seam where the two pieces of felt meet,
trim off any excess (glue or felt)

take a break and stare at the cute baby who is wearing legos as jewelery

now pick out some buttons for the top of the lid - glue them in place

you're done!

now I can display my button jars and they aren't boring!

green is still my favorite.  :o)



  1. I love buttons too! I don't know what it is but they are just great :D

    love the lego bracelet too


  2. Very cute! LOL... I store my buttons in a Classico pasta sauce jar too! Clever disguise ;)

  3. Oh, my goodness, I love those! I store my buttons in mason jars, but this would make them cuter! Only...mine have split lids...but I'm sure that is nothing that can't be fixed with some more glue!!!

  4. Very cute and clever!!! Mine are a mess!


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