Monday, March 1, 2010

warm weather - I miss you

I have one more refashion to post, but I will save that for tomorrow. 

We haven't had a cold winter by any means, I mean its been unusually warm (if you call 40's/50's warm)...well, besides the 10 days of 12 degree weather in December.  Other than that, it has been rainy and gray...and what I consider "cold."  I am tired of wearing layers and coats, I miss shorts, tank tops and slippers (flip flops).  This is my first "real" winter in five years, so I think it has me a little down.  Whenever I feel down, I browse through pictures from our life in Hawaii.  They can make me so sad, but they also bring a smile to my face.  I miss the sunshine, palms and warm water.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you...

leeward oahu

my backyard in early 2006

my name in the sand at waimea

view of waikiki from diamond head

napping sea turtles (honu)

my jeepsee at laie pt

ala moana beach park

queens in waikiki

sunset beach


north shore during the calm of summer

view from our bedroom window in waikiki

the ala wai canal

and lastly this is my most favorite place on this planet - lanikai

hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Gorgeous pictures. I've always wanted to live somewhere where it's warm all the time. Maybe someday, huh?

  2. Oh Crissy, I feel your longing...I feel like I spend 6 months a year grasping every ray of sunshine that comes our way...and it's SO little...and then summer arrives and gets away from us :(
    I long to live somewhere where the sun shines at least 300 days a year and you can walk barefoot in the sand and grass...and if it's near the beach...even better!
    Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos! xx

  3. Thanks for sharing~ Hawaii is such an amazing place! I would live there in a heartbeat! :)


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