Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 more for my mini me

As promised, two more refashions for the little ladies...

I started with a t-shirt ($2 at WM!) and a small scrap left over from a fat quarter

and ended up with this:
I attached a strip to the front and back of the bottom hem of the shirt

and created a big ruffle down the middle
(notice the anklet, she puts it on in the morning and refuses to take it off until bedtime, eccentric? yes)

I had a little fabric left over so I made her a hair clipy.  This isn't the first time she's been dresses in animal prints.  I hope one day she can find it in her heart to forgive me.

Now, on to the next one...
Another $2 score from WM and an old, long sleeve tee of mine that shrunk so much it soffocates me if I try to wear it.

I cut the sleeves off, and attached them to the sleeves of the t-shirt.  They were so small already I didn't even have to make them smaller!

Then I used the upper part of one sleeve as the reverse applique for the hearts.  Having never done this technique before, I think they turned out ok.  A little crooked, but still cute.  I trimmed them with some matching green fabric paint.

its getting late, I am sleepy.
so glad its Friday tomorrow!



  1. These are DARLING!!! Love the green and white with the hearts! OMG~ Soooo cute!!
    You are so talented and inspiring!! :) Thank you for sharing!:)

  2. Crissy I laughed so hard at the anklet! Both my kids used to do that with their stacking cute!
    Love your tshirt makeover! xo

  3. They are both such great ideas...the second one would be good for St. Patrick's day! By the way, I love the anklet. Any child that knows how to accessorize like that has a promising fashion future.

  4. Both are cute -- but I absolutely adore the green one. And I agree with the other Megan... it's perfect for St. Patricks Day!


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