Tuesday, March 30, 2010

in need of some inspiration

While working on a big sewing project (involving mostly hand sewing) I am starting to feel overwhelmed and on the verge of getting very frustrated.  But I HAVE to finish it.  No matter how bad my fingers hurt, or how many times I've stabbed my thumb with that needle, this has to be finished.  

Etsy breaks alway help me though.  So I am taking a little break and admiring some pretty plushies.  Enjoy! 

what a cute little foxy!

stella and stewart - adorable!

oh my, be still my heart

this tiger deserves a "holy cute!"

and I must make one of these little dragons

alright - I feel better now and will go back to making my fingers bleed sewing.  I need a thimble.  Hopefully I will finish tomorrow so I can share my hard work with you!



  1. Crissy that happens to me all the time...I find it helps to always have another small {see the results quicker} project waiting in the wings because when I am working too long on 1 project I get frustrated and need a change of pace. Can't wait to see what you're working on! It's hard to stitch with bloody fingers and band-aids :) xx

  2. I feel you right now I am so behind on things and for some reason I just can't make myself finish them that is going to change today :D good luck on your project!

    Cute inspiration



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