Saturday, March 6, 2010

its saturday!

and that means I'm sharing a sewing project.  I've been sharing quite a few of those lately, haven't I?  I've got the sewing bug and I'm loving it.  I go through phases where my machine will sit idle for a few weeks and then I go on these frenzies where I can barely pull myself away from its noisy hum.  

I whipped this up for Leilani last night.

It's a "too small" onesie that I cut in half and attached the remnants of a men's button down shirt that was supposed to be for me...but as I mentioned last week, I made a big boo-boo and ruined the shirt.  Instead of crying, I threw it in the scrap pile and glared at it while trying to figure out what the heck to use it for.

I think she looks adorable in it, I'm a sucker for brown and green together.  I'm also a sucker for fat baby legs in leggings.  (I think I've mentioned this before...)

She says welcome to all my new followers!  I am up to 54!!
I appreciate each and every one of you!  :o)



  1. awe how cute is that!!!! I miss dressing little ones!

    Have a great day sweetie


  2. Pretty! :) I love leggings in babies too!


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