Wednesday, March 3, 2010

march goals

Is it really that time again?  I feel like I just posted my goals for february a few days ago.  So lets see what I actually accomplished last month:

1) blog daily - only missed two days so I am going to go ahead and give myself this one  :o)

2) organize and back up all photos and videos
3) make it to 50 followers - 49 BOO.
4) make three outfits for Little Big - I only made one...bad mama
5) post 5 tutorials/DIY projects YEP!
6) create a unique blogging schedule 

4 out of 6 isn't bad.

For March I would like to:

1) make it to 55 followers 
2) create a blog button
3) post 3 DIY/tutorials
4) blog 6 days a week (my blog is requesting a day off during the week) 
5) finish my one and only custom order
6) make Leilani's easter dress

ok, the boring stuff is are some pretty things I found while browsing through flickr today.


I want a Blythe.

Happy Tuesday!

What are your goals for this month?



  1. If you go to google reader, there's a way to see how many people have subscribed using reader, but haven't become followers on your site. Um, like me. I bet you have a bunch!

  2. I was following you in my reader. I guess I will follow publically! hahaha You're up to 52 now... just 3 more to go!


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