Monday, March 1, 2010

refashion #5 (the last one!)

I guess this one is more of a DIY, but its a cool idea none the less.

So, I like these flats, alot.  They are so cute!  

but I don't have an extra $100 in the budget right now...why not make them myself?

Here's how:

you'll need a pair of flats, mine weren't the color I wanted to I spray painted them black

two coats should be enough - set them aside to dry

for the flower, you'll need a zipper, needle and thread, fray check and scissors
(the length of the zipper depends on how big you want the flower to be, I used a total of 24 in for each flower)

unzip the zipper and cut off both ends, be careful not to cut the teeth - it won't make your scissors happy

to make the center of your flower, roll it like this and stitch through a couple times to hold it together firmly

form your first "petal" like this, stitch it firmly and repeat this for each petal

here the flower is about halfway done

depending on the length of your zipper you may need to use both sides of it, I just stitched them together at the back of the flower and then continued with the "petaling"

viola!  we are finished!


attach the flower to your shoes, I stiched mine on - and you are done!



  1. Fantastic! I LOVE these, you did a great job! What!? the last re-fashion??? :(
    {pounding fist on table and chanting} We want more! We want more! ;) xx

  2. I have LOVED your projects this week - all of them were great! But this one is definitely my cute! I might have to make some myself! :) And I agree with Laurie Anne - more re-fashions please!

  3. Those came out SO cute!!! I have been wanting zipper flats, too! I might just have to make some!

  4. oh there will be more! this was just the last of my little "refashion week" I've got lots more ideas that I would love to share with all of you! :o)

  5. Wow, great job! Those turned out really cute.

  6. Holy cow!! These are amazing! You are so talented and creative!!!


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