Monday, March 8, 2010

special sisters.

did you know that its snowing right now?
did you know that on saturday it was 60 degrees?
did you know that confuses me? 

Too many questions...

Here are the special sisters I was referring to - these are gifts for my cousins girls, who just turned 7 and 1!

They are black apple dolls made using this tutorial.  For the baby, I shortened her arms and legs and left off the accessories, except for the bow, I couldn't lose the bow - but I made sure it won't come off no matter how much it is chewed/sucked/drooled on.  They were simple and easy, such a cute gift for little girls.

My 'week in pictures' post coming soon - I am in the processing of editing them all, I took quite a few last week!

What crafty-ness are you up to this week?



  1. Those dolls are very sweet. I've always been intimidated by the idea of making my own dolls, but if you insist that the tutorial is simple I may have to give it a whirl!

  2. those are so cute I wish I had someone to make a doll for...maybe me lol

    you did a great job!!!

    I am making mushrooms and work on a couple of craft swaps

  3. Those are super cute!

    also, lame weather is frustrating. we get a lot of the back and forth at this time of year, too.

  4. I've made a couple of the Black Apple Dolls too! The first time I just used the pattern but didn't watch the tutorial...I ended up with super skinny arms and legs because I didn't add any seam allowance. But I love my dolls, it's the little imperfections that make them special!


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