Thursday, March 4, 2010

spring is in the air!

I wouldn't say it was warm today, but I wasn't freezing, and only wore a light jacket.  The air smelled "springy" too.  Mostly because its full of pollen, much to the dismay of Riley who suffers from seasonal allergies.  Poor kid.

I finished a gift for my niece.  I used the pattern from Amy Butler's book little stitches.  May I introduce the "empire waist dress with bloomers."

Turned out adorable, I think.  The insturctions were a little weird to follow, I had to read and re-read them a few times so I wouldn't make a mistake.  Maybe I am just no good at following patterns.  Who knows?

Today I saw this:
(it gave me hope that warmer weather will return soon)

I also saw this:
yes, I know its a weed but it was so big and bright and beautiful I just had to take a picture!



  1. Crissy that little outfit is fabulous!You did such a great job!...and such a beautiful photo of such an awful menace ;) I must learn to take better photos...yours always leave me in awe... xo

  2. Hi!! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I will add you to my google reader! Love the cute little outfit for your niece! Sewing is on the top of my list to start next!
    Have a wonderful weekend! PS thanks for posting the beautiful signs of Spring, it gives me hope! :) I am soooo ready for Spring!


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