Thursday, March 25, 2010

thrifting therapy 2.0

I felt pretty good after all your nice comments (thank you!) about my thrift store finds so I ventured out again yesterday morning.  Unfortunately, I only made one stop, Leilani feel asleep on the way and it is really annoying to drag a sleeping/crabby toddler around.  But one stop is better than no stops.  I found a few pyrex dishes but they were pretty "eh" lids, or lids that were cracked and/or the actual dish itself was cracked.  Oh well.  Maybe next time. 

I did, however, find another owl for my collection.  He was crammed in a dirty, bottom shelf and was covered in dust, poor guy looked like he had been sitting there for a very long time - how lonely. 
He was just begging for a new home. 

And I found three more pretty pillow cases.

The blue print is my favorite. 

I saw the most beautiful set of vintage sheets in a bright orange, brown and yellow but they were nearly $8, I know that's not expensive, but every other set was closer to $2.  This store is having a 40% off sale on saturday morning so if they are still there, I will pick them up. 

I wish I had taken a picture of them though, imagine this print...

...but in all bright yellow, orange and a bit of light brown.  Beautiful!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!
Can you believe it's Friday tomorrow?


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  1. Ah great finds! I just found a new thrift shop by my moms house tonight and walked out with two huge bags. I can get a little crazy sometimes ;)
    But I also found an adorable vintage sheet set, Ill post a pic this week. I love the blue pillowcase!!!


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