Tuesday, March 23, 2010

thrifting therapy

I hate to admit this... but I am not a huge fan of thrift stores (aka vintage shopping).  This is due to a few bad experiences that scared me.  But I think I am finally getting over my fear.  Today I discovered the cleanest thrift store I have ever been in.  Not only was it clean, but everyone was friendly and it was well stocked with treasures.  I purchased some of these treasures and am very pleased with my thrifting adventures.  Would you like to take a peek?

1/2 yd lavender flannel for .99 cents, two vintage king size pillow cases (over a yard of material) for .99 cents each, 2+ yds of yellow polka dot for only $1.99 = SCORE! 

two cute pyrex dishes, .99 cents for the pair...they are a little dingy in this picture, I took it before they were washed up.

aren't these little guys adorable?  the ones on the left are "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" they need a fresh coat of paint and they'll be perfect... the round fellow on the right has a few little white marks, but I think I am going repaint him in brighter colors.

A very successul thifting adventure if you ask me.  :o)

happy mail came today too - and it made me smile.
thank you Stephanie!

What made you smile today?



  1. I love Pyrex!!!!! I have found a few while thrifting and I use them for absolutely everything! Glad you like the Happy mail. I got home today and yours was sitting on the counter waiting for me and I was soooo excited, I love it all!!
    Its funny too because I have been meaning to pick up some olive green thread. How perfect!

    Also my sister tried to steal the headband. Maybe I will let her borrow it ;)

    Thanks again!!

  2. oh you are so lucky to find pyrex for that cheap!! I'm still waiting for my lucky day when I find some that cheap!! :)

  3. Great finds Crissy! There are so few thrift stores in my area that they get so picked through :( I very rarely go anymore just because it seems I never find anything. On the bright side, yard sales season is almost upon us :) You got some great happy mail! xo

  4. Those are some great finds! I never, ever find sheets that are that cute. Or Pyrex that cheap. I'm jealous a little. :D

  5. I am with everyone I can't believe you found pyrex so cheap I have the same blue bowl I paid 6.99

    And I want the owls see no evil ones how cool! You did good :D



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