Friday, April 9, 2010

fashion for your friday

Nordstrom catalogue arrived today!  So many pretty things.
This page in particular caught my eye...
Notice the outfit on the left side...
The denim jacket, white shorts, cute sandals and that top!  I love it! 
I want this outfit.  I've got everything in my closet... but the shirt.
So...I think I should make one.

My version won't be very fancy and I am going to use knit instead.
I have a knit with this same navy/white strip that I think would be perfect. 
I am excited to start!

And if it turns out, I just might have to enter into this contest.

Happy friday blog friends - thanks for stopping by!


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  1. make it make it! and post pics! You're so brave. I can't even imagine trying to do something like that. I'd have better luck poking neck and arm holes in a bag. :)


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