Monday, April 26, 2010

week in pictures...

We had a wonderful week.  The in-laws came to visit us from Georgia and we had a great time.  The kids loved spending time with their grandparents and I loved taking pictures of everyone having fun.  I snapped about 500 pics last week alone.  Can you say shutterbug?  Here are a few of my favorites from our mini trip to Portland, OR.  If you've never been...GO!  Its beautiful, green, on the water and best of all, downtown is flat.  I am used to Seattle which is full of steep hills so it was really nice to be able to walk around downtown without feeling like I was walking parallel to a hill.  Oh yeah, the food is awesome too.  I had the best vegan pad thai that I have ever eaten.  It was heavenly.  But I'll stop blabbing now, please enjoy some pretty pictures.  :o)

riding the Amtrak Cascades down to Oregon

The Union Station in was beautiful

I love clock towers

little man needs a haircut

Portland has a TON of briges...this is Burnside Bridge

the Burnside Bridge in action

and my favorite, Steel Bridge

Day #2 we visited Multnomah Falls ...hello gorgeous!

I played with the shutter speed in this picture...see the water fall in action?

so much green

Here you can only see half the made me feel very tiny

Later that day we walked around downtown and this sign in front of the courthouse caught my eye...Alice Springs isn't far at all...

That's it for now...hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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