Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Look at this collection of pyrex...found on flickr. Wow, its beautiful, makes me want to go thrifting immediately! Did you know its been a month since I've stepped foot inside a thrift store?

Moving has completely throw everything out of whack. My sewing is still all packed up, my scrapbooking is in an unorganized mess and my desire to do anything crafty has been smothered by things I need to do (like: unpack the many boxes that litter my floors, finish painting the trim, mow the lawn, attempt to plant a small flower garden...)

I feel as though I may never have the chance to be crafty again. And that makes me sad. I know this is just a phase and I'll be back to my usual endeavors again. But until then, I'll look at the 700+ blog posts in my google reader and cry because I know there is no way I will ever have enough time to read through all those posts, let alone catch up on my blog!


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  1. Love the pyrex of course :D I hate moving it takes so much energy and time hang in there you will get it done



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