Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm back...?

I've just stepped into a dark room, the lights slowly come on and I see bits and pieces of the things that I've created over the past few years, all over the room.  This place looks familiar, but I haven't been here in SO long.  Rushes of happiness come back and my fingers itch to create something, photograph it, and share it with whomever is interested...

Where am I?

I've returned to my blog, of course!  My little spot of happiness and creativity is still here, its been rather lonely, dark and quiet here.  Meanwhile, life has been busy, adventurous, full of downs and full of ups, full of studying, full of family, full of memories, full of new life, and full of change!  No matter how busy I am, there is NO way that I could let a Holiday season pass me by without creating something.  Lately I've had this urge to create something, ANYTHING.  I've been so overloaded with Psychology (I've returned to school!), the life of a very important first grader and a busy busy 23 month old that I haven't had time to do much of anything else!  

There is also other news...In about 11 weeks we will be welcoming another munchkin to the nest.  Sometime in early January, after the busy-ness and crazy-ness of the holidays have passed and winter quarter is just getting started.  That's right, another one.  Another baby.  Am I crazy?  Perhaps.  Or maybe I just like being busy.  Either way we are so excited and can't wait for the little #3 to arrive!

Now then, since that is off my chest.  I would like to say I am officially BACK!  I won't be posting everyday.  Once a week if I am lucky.  But I will be posting again.  A little here and a little there.  I hope to see some familiar faces around here, as well as new ones!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! That's such fantastic news, a new baby, how exciting! It's great to have you back~you have been greatly missed, I look forward to your posts :)


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