Monday, November 28, 2011


Even though this time of year is supposed to be joyful, merry, exciting, and bright, it is often, stressful, exhausting, and not very enjoyable.  There are so many pressures, deadlines, so many events all squished into a short time period, that we often forget what this time of year is really all about.  

I know that I am especially guilty of forgetting the true meaning of the season.  I get so wrapped up (no pun intended) in all the holiday gift making, the shopping, decorating, that I forget to slow down and really enjoy this special month.  

Although I know it is not realistic to completely bypass all the whirlwinds of the holiday season.  I believe it is feasible to stop, take a deep breath, enjoy a quiet moment here and there, and really soak up the specialness of this holiday, without giving yourself an ulcer.

Lately I've been inspired by two simple words.  Choose Joy.  This slogan has a very special story behind it.  Ashley is the creative genius behind the brand Lil Blue Boo which has been one of my favorite reads since I started blogging a few years ago.  Ashley is a wonderfully creative person, she is inspiring, she is an artist, a designing guru, who has the most adorable children's clothing line.  Besides all of this, she is real, she is down to earth, and she has problems just like the rest of us.  The thing that inspires me most is Ashley's decision to Choose Joy.

If we can do one thing different this holiday season.  Let's Choose Joy.  If you can't bypass the rush, the bustle, and the hustle this season.  At least you can do it with a smile on your face, and joy in your heart.


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