Monday, January 9, 2012


I've always wanted to try a 52 week photo challenge.  So I joined two.  This one and that one.  I am by no means a photographer.  I would love to do it on the side, someday.  

Although, one thing that bothers me is how saturated the world of photography is with "professional photographers."  It seems that everyone who buys a DSLR suddenly has their own business, and is snapping away, making tons of money (ok, I know that last part isn't always true).  Oh how I would love to be able to jump into something like that.  But I don't like to do anything until I am good at it, really good at it, and I am definitely not there yet.  

I've been taking picture for what seems like forever, I always had little cameras growing up, and in high school I took photography and fell in love with it.  

It has now been two years since I bought my little Canon Rebel and my skills have grown so much.  I've read, and read, and read, everything that there is to read about digital photography.  I've spent hours researching online and in books, how to get the most out of CS5 and lightroom.  I know I've come a long way.  But I also know I still have a long way to go.  25,000 pictures later and my little xsi is still shuttering away..  I've definitely outgrown that little camera, but I have also learned so much from it.  Without my rebel, I'd still be shooting in auto mode (terrible, I know).  

So who knows if I'll ever make it to pro level.  Maybe I'll always be an amateur (I hope not).  One thing is for sure, I will ALWAYS love taking pictures, because I can capture moments like this:


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